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Healthy Aging and Longevity Research is on the Rise – which is the Best Model Organism to use?

A Natural Fit – Using Zebrafish to Evaluate Natural Compounds for Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Temperature & C. elegans Part Two: How does Temperature affect development?

Summary: We recently published a piece on the importance of temperature in C.elegans which got the whole InVivio Biosystems team thinking about C. elegans’ development,

Zebrafish 101: A White Paper

In this white paper we will discuss the advantages and limitations of zebrafish and ask: is a zebrafish model right for my research?

C. elegans 101: A White Paper

In this whitepaper we discuss the advantages and limitations of C. elegans, and ask the question: is a C. elegans model right for my research?

Does everyone have digestive issues? — Gut dysbiosis is on the rise.

In this article we discuss the rise in gut dysbiosis, and new risk factors: microplastics, consumption of supplements, and chronic stress.
microbiome models feature image

Models to Research Microbiome

In this article, we will discuss the commonly used model organisms for microbiome research, and what insights they can provide.

Review of Zebrafish Models to Boost Research in Rare Genetic Diseases

Summary A recent publication by Crouzier et al. emphasized the utility of zebrafish as a model for investigating rare diseases – enabling better understanding of
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Nutraceuticals & New approaches to DMD treatment

This article will discuss recent findings, and how similar studies present an exciting and promising future for currently incurable diseases.
zfish as drug discovery tool feature image

Lost and Found: Zebrafish as a Drug Discovery Tool

Summary Zebrafish models largely began as a way to research developmental biology, however, their potential to be a preclinical model of human disease quickly became

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