Antioxidant Capacity Study

Reliable Antioxidant Capacity Study For Compound Efficacy Testing

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are molecules that damage our DNA, RNA, and proteins, and can lead to cell death. We uncover whether a compound or formulation has antioxidant properties utilizing our proprietary ROS exposure assay.

  • Expose animals that have been pre-treated with your compound to oxidizing hazardous chemicals¬†
  • Monitor animal health and movement over time
  • Curve showing activity through time after an oxidizing chemical is applied.
  • Descriptive statistics and tests for differences between groups
  • Uncovering and substantiating antioxidant properties

Resistance to oxidative stress. Compound A
conferred resistance to the Reactive Oxygen Species
produced after exposure to the pesticide Paraquat.
Oxidative resistance due to Compound A treatment
was better than the Vitamin C positive control.

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