Zebrafish Tol2 Transgenesis Services for Precise Genome Manipulation

Zebrafish Tol2 transgenesis is an exceptional technique that empowers researchers to introduce precise genetic modifications into zebrafish, a prominent model animal in biomedical studies. With our state-of-the-art capabilities, we generate transgenic zebrafish lines featuring desired genetic alterations, enabling unrivaled insights into human health and disease.

At InVivo Biosystems, our advanced Zebrafish Tol2 transgenesis services will revolutionize the way scientists explore and understand complex biological processes.

Why Choose our Zebrafish Tol2 Transgenesis Service

  • Expertise and Excellence: Our team of skilled scientists boasts extensive expertise in Zebrafish Tol2 Transgenesis, delivering numerous successful projects and aiding scientists in achieving breakthrough discoveries.
  • Cutting-edge Facilities: Equipped with advanced facilities and cutting-edge technologies, we ensure efficient and accurate genetic modifications, setting new benchmarks in zebrafish research.
  • Collaborative Partnership: We firmly believe in collaboration and work closely with researchers to comprehend their specific requirements, tailoring our Zebrafish Tol2 transgenesis services to address their unique research objectives.

Key Benefits of Zebrafish Tol2 Transgenesis

Compared to other methods, inserting large content in the zebrafish genome using the Tol2 transposon-based system offers advantages for integrating larger DNA fragments into the zebrafish genome. This system allows researchers to introduce and study genes, regulatory elements, or other genetic elements that may be relatively large in size, providing opportunities to investigate complex genetic interactions and gene functions.

Tol2 Transgenesis Service Process

Leveraging the Tol2 transposon system, derived from medaka fish, we provide a reliable and efficient method for creating transgenic zebrafish models that enable you to:

  • Generate Cre Recombinase-Driver lines for precise genetic targeting.
  • Create transcriptional reporters to investigate gene expression in specific tissues.
  • Develop models to control the timing of gene expression, providing insights into dynamic biological processes.
  • Generate humanized zebrafish models for studying human genome variations and diseases.

Service Deliverables

Comparison Of Tol2 Vs. CRISPR 

Nature of Edit
Number of Insertions
Germline Edits
Germline Efficiency
Common Terminology
Phenotype in F0 (injected embryos)
Max. Size of Insert

Tol2 Transposase

Random insertion



10% to 40%



Usually 13-15kb - depends on cargo


Site specific



~2% to 5%

Knock-in Edit


Unknown but appears that the larger the insert the lower the efficiency.

Tol2 Transgenesis Service Options

Tol2 Plasmid Prep

Tol2 Plasmid Validation

Mosaic Clutch* (F0 injected embryos)

Full Build** (Stable transgenic line)

Tol2 Plasmid Design

Plasmid Assembly

InVivo Integration Assessment

Expertly Injected Embryos

Germline Transmission Screening & Line Propagation

* This service is only available to clients in the United States.
** Full Build includes screening n=100 adults; standard husbandry charge applies.
# Additional charge applies for cargo over 2kb in size for all service packages.

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Tol2 Transgenesis Service FAQS

The Zebrafish Tol2 transgenesis service is a specialized service that enables the efficient and precise integration of transgenes into the zebrafish genome using the Tol2 transposon system.

The Tol2 transposon system utilizes a DNA sequence called the Tol2 transposon, which can "jump" or transpose from one location to another in the zebrafish genome edits. This system allows for the stable and heritable integration of transgenes.

The service offers several benefits, including high efficiency in generating transgenic zebrafish, precise insertion of transgenes or expression cassettes at desired genomic locations, and the ability to study gene function, disease models, and developmental processes.

The timeline for the service may vary depending on the specific requirements and complexity of the project. Generally, the process involves plasmid construction, microinjection into zebrafish embryos, and subsequent screening and validation. The duration can range from a few weeks to a couple of months.

Yes! The service allows for the integration of custom transgenes, including reporter genes, fluorescent markers, or genes of interest. Researchers can provide their own transgene constructs, and the service will facilitate their integration into the zebrafish genes.

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