Zebrafish Tol2 Transgenesis Services for Precise Genome Manipulation

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Zebrafish Tol2 Transgenesis Services

Insert large content in the zebrafish genome using the Tol2 transposon-based system.

Using Tol2 transgenesis you can generate:

  • Cre Recombinase-Driver lines
  • Transcriptional reporters
  • Models to analyze tissue-specific gene expression
  • Models to control the timing of gene expression
  • Humanized zebrafish

Comparison of Tol2 vs. CRISPR

Nature of Edit
Number of Insertions
Germline Edits
Germline Efficiency
Common Terminology
Phenotype in F0 (injected embryos)
Max. Size of Insert

Tol2 Transposase

Random insertion



10% to 40%



Usually 13-15kb - depends on cargo


Site specific



~2% to 5%

Knock-in Edit


Unknown but appears that the larger the insert the lower the efficiency.

Tol2 Transgenesis Service Options

Tol2 Plasmid Prep

Tol2 Plasmid Validation

Mosaic Clutch* (F0 injected embryos)

Full Build** (Stable transgenic line)

Tol2 Plasmid Design

Plasmid Assembly

InVivo Integration Assessment

Expertly Injected Embryos

Germline Transmission Screening & Line Propagation

* This service is only available to clients in the United States.
** Full Build includes screening n=100 adults; standard husbandry charge applies.
# Additional charge applies for cargo over 2kb in size for all service packages.

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