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Author: Matt Beaudet, CEO

View from the Bench

Caenorhabditis elegans: An Emerging Model Organism

Great article that highlights some of the strengths of C. elegansfor investigating higher level processes beyond what can be easily studied using cell culture. In this case alternative pre-mRNA splicing. Also helped expose me to the a new descriptor for C. elegans worms – intron-rich.

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Aging & Healthspan

Aging studies use C. elegans to test bacterial genes

Interesting data using C. elegans for studying the impact your gut microbiome may have on your lifespan and healthspan from the Wang Lab at Baylor College of Medicine. The study highlights the power of C. elegans as a tool for whole animal discovery – the work would have been impossible to carry out using cultured cells and would have been prohibitively expensive in mice.

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