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C. elegans - the best non-vertebrate model for aging and longevity study

Aging is a complex biological process characterized by degenerative changes that progressively diminish function, leading to disease, and ultimately, death. Since it has long been a concern, the research of aging involved in gene expression and multiple pathways has been widely studied and reported. Due to the experimental challenges of studying aging in humans or other vertebrates are substantial, the easy-culturing nematode C. elegans is an excellent model system for studies of aging based on the identification of mutations, drugs, and environmental factors that extend the adult lifespan significantly. We offer a variety phenotypic measurements of age-associated changes that serve as biomarkers indicative of the physiological status of aging to provide information for aging research. 

The nematode C. elegans is a powerful experimental organism for the implementation of a vast array of technologies and applied in much biological research. Unlike other single-celled organisms, such as bacteria and yeast, the millimeter-long body of C. elegans contains muscles, nerves, sexual organs, and guts, and has brought a wealth of information at the cellular level. It reacts to different environments and exhibits different responses.

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InVivo Biosystems offers a series of thoughtful age-related phenotypic screening services, including lifespan and healthspan testing, age-related morphological detection, age-related behavioral detection, reproductive capacity analysis. 

Effects of Drugs on Aging

Predict the acute and long term effects of your compound on the ageing organism before clinical trial.

We provide the measurements of behavior and systemic changes that occur during the agin process in a live animal model.

Effects of Genetic Variants on Aging

Rapidly uncover the effects of your genetic modifications on healthspan and life expectancy using a simple animal model.

We provide analysis of behavioral and systemic changes that occur during the aging in a controlled genetic context.

Effects of Drugs on Neuromuscular Activity

Predict the acute and long term effects of your compound on neuromuscular activity.

We provide measurements of the neuromuscular changes that occur as a result of exposure to your compound.

Effects of Genetic Variants on Neuromuscular Activity

Predict the effects of the genetic changes of your choice on neuromuscular activity.

We provide assessment of the neuromuscular function under the genetic control of your choice.


We focus on early in-vivo testing using relevant and time-efficient whole animal models so you can shorten your project timeline. In preclinical stage, we help you kickstart your research by testing your hypothesis or conducting proof of concept before you move to a more complex and costly model system. Using our platform, you can quickly and economically test a compound’s ability to extend lifespan and healthspan with large sample sizes of live animals in 2-3 months. 

  • Advanced equipment combined with optimized protocols
  •  Experienced PhD scientists
  • Timely report on project progress
  • White glove services


Automatically Quantify Longevity And Healthspan

InVivo Biosystems’ longevity platform tracks C. elegans movement throughout their lives. Both lifespan and healthspan are measured every 15 minutes. (Left): Animals’ movement. Color purple: animals are healthy; color yellow: animals are unhealthy; color red: animals are dead. (Right): percent of population alive.

Advanced Aging Pathway Analysis.

We can identify the pathways that contribute to the observed lifespan extension using RNA-Seq or whole transcriptome sequencing (WTS). For example, we can identify the anti-aging pathways that contribute to the observed lifespan extension from the lifespan analysis.

Service Offerings

Data Only

Data Interpretation

Data Customization


2-3 months

2-3 months

2-3 months


Sample Report

Data collection of lifespan metrics and genetic analysis.

How a company leveraged C. elegans to predict the most valuable compound to develop.

Our Process


Understand Your Goal

We will set up a 30-minute call with you to understand your needs. During this call, we will define the scope of your project, answer your practical questions and help you assess whether our service is a good fit for you.




Create A Custom Catalog

After we decide on the scope of the project, we will create a proposal that includes cost and time estimate for each experiment proposed. You will be able to personalize your project plan.


Finalize Project Design

We will send you a final statement of work and payment schedule. Once we receive your first PO, we will start the experiments and give you a defined timeline for your project.


Report Out

Maintain Clarity And Transparency

We will keep you updated every two weeks on the status of your project. At the end of your project, we provide you with a report that includes comprehensive findings and key takeaways.


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