Accurate Genetic Signature Study For Compound Efficacy Testing

Genetic Signature Study

Genetic pathways can be up or down regulated as a result of exposure to different compounds. We can determine how a compound or formulation affects gene expression using RNAseq and transcriptomics technology. We then condense this information, giving you specific guidance on what endpoints to evaluate in clinical studies.

  • Expose animals to compound or formulation
  • Evaluate the expression levels of all genes
  • Distill gene regulation into pathways and cellular processes associated with cognitive function, heart health, gut health, immunity, inflammation, muscle strength and skin health

  • Analysis of up and down regulated genes
  • KEGG and GO analysis of genetic pathways that are impacted by compounds

  • Guiding human clinical studies
  • Indication expansion

Summary of pathway mapping to established aging-related pathways for Compound A treatment in aged (Day 10) animals.          Colored score increments indicate the change of expression, up-regulated (red) or down-regulated (blue), weighted by the P value.

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2-3 months

2-3 months

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