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Global Gene Expression
Study (RNA-Seq)

RNA-Sequencing (RNA-Seq) is used to determine which genes and biological pathways are up or down-regulated in response to a drug treatment or a genetic condition. This global gene expression profile (transcriptome) provides a basis for understanding mechanism of action, target identification, or biomarker identification. Transcriptomic analysis can reveal the genetic signature of your treatment and how it relates to signatures of aging, toxicity, stress or other conditions.  We understand the intricacies of this powerful, yet complex tool and are ready to carry your experiment from design to data for fast and valid results. Our team of analysts will give you specific guidance on what endpoints to evaluate in clinical studies.

Global Gene Expression of your Treatment or Model

Unlock the Genetic Signature of your treatment or model with the power of RNA-Seq.
  • Expert experimental design for statistical power and robustness
  • Effective formulation and delivery of treatments
  • Harvesting of high-quality RNA samples
  • Validated deep sequencing
  • Differential gene expression and analysis of up and down regulated genes
  • Pathway and Gene Ontology enrichment analysis
  • Curated genetic signature analysis for:
    • Longevity
    • Cognitive function
    • Muscle function
    • Liver health (e.g. NAFLD)
    • Inflammation
    • Oxidative stress
    • And more!
  • Raw data, expert analysis and visualization
  • Access to the powerful Rosalind Discovery Platform for your own data exploration!
  • Guiding Human Clinical Studies
  • Biomarker identification
  • Target identification
  • Indication Expansion
  • Understanding mechanism of action

See how we help our clients with pre-clinical studies.

Summary of pathway mapping to established aging-related pathways for Compound A treatment in aged (Day 10) animals. Colored score increments indicate the change of expression, up-regulated (red) or down-regulated (blue), weighted by the P value.

RNA-Seq Service Offerings

InVivo offers extensive and high-throughput RNA-seq capabilities, providing a large capacity to accommodate your research studies. This advanced technology enables swift processing and analysis of RNA samples, significantly reducing turnaround time for your projects.

Data Only

Data Interpretation

Data Customization


2-3 months

2-3 months

2-3 months

Global Gene Expression (RNA-Seq) FAQs

Our Global Gene Expression Study for Compound Efficacy Testing is a specialized analysis utilizing RNA-Seq which assesses the impact of compounds on gene expression. By evaluating the levels of all genes, the study identifies specific genetic pathways and cellular processes associated with the efficacy of the tested compounds. This study helps in understanding how the compounds influence various health-related functions at a molecular level.

The Global Gene Expression Study for Compound Efficacy Testing provides two key deliverables:

  • Analysis of upregulated and downregulated genes: We provide a comprehensive analysis of genes that are upregulated (activated) or downregulated (inhibited) due to the exposure to the compounds or formulations. This data is crucial in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the observed effects and helps to identify potential targets for intervention and treatment.
  • KEGG and GO analysis of genetic pathways: To further enhance our insights, we perform in-depth analysis using KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) and GO (Gene Ontology) databases. This enables us to understand how the affected reference genes are involved in various genetic pathways and cellular processes, shedding light on the precise molecular interactions impacted by the compounds.

The Global Gene Expression Study offers significant benefits for research and product development for:

  • Informed decision-making: Understanding the genetic pathways impacted by compounds helps researchers make data-driven decisions when designing analysis methods for clinical trials or selecting potential drug targets.
  • Indication expansion: The study can open up new therapeutic avenues by identifying additional health-related functions affected by the compounds, leading to potential indication expansion for your products.
  • Efficiency in compound testing: With insights into gene regulation, the study streamlines the process of identifying effective compounds, saving time and resources in drug discovery and development.

Yes, we offer custom injection services where you provide the gene editing idea in your strain receive professionally prepared injection mix containing all of the required molecular components to achieve your desired custom genetic edit. You will, however, require access to microinjection rig, technical skills for proper injection, and the ability to screen and select final desired strain(s).

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