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Is our Brain Health Reliant on our Gut?

In this article we will discuss the collection of new gut-brain publications, and how their findings could influence the approach and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Healthy Aging and Longevity Research is on the Rise – which is the Best Model Organism to use?

What controls your behavior? Your brain or your gut?

Thaena press release

[Press Release] InVivo Biosystems and Thaena Announce Novel Metabolite Research Platform With Compelling Longevity and Healthspan Implications and Outcomes

How are scientists measuring and supporting longevity?

Testing the efficacy of JadeAging®, a Chinese Medicine based longevity formulation, using InVivo Biosystems’ suite of in vivo platforms

microbiome models feature image

Models to Research Microbiome

In this article, we will discuss the commonly used model organisms for microbiome research, and what insights they can provide.

From ED to AD: a drug repurposing success? How a performance-enhancing drug is giving insight into dementia

Recently, researchers at Cleveland Clinic’s Genomic Medicine Institute published an article in Nature Aging which has caused quite a stir in the medical community and

The Argument for Aging as a Disease

When asked how someone died, ‘they died of old age’ is an acceptable answer – it is given as the cause, like a heart attack,

What Is Lifespan And Healthspan – And How Are They Connected?

Humans are living longer than any other time in history, but what is the quality of life during these years? This article will discuss lifespan

Modeling Gut Microbiome Effects In Alternative Animal Models – Finding The Happy Biota For A Long And Healthy Life

The InVivo Longevity Platform [Sample Report]

Download our sample report to learn more about our validated platform that uses the best non-vertebrate model for longevity & healthspan studies

The DrugAge Database: Showcasing C. Elegans In Longevity Research

Key Considerations When Designing a Lifespan Assay

Developing an analysis strategy up front in parallel with experimental design is key to avoiding costly errors down the road.

The Lifespan Assay Survival Kit [Whitepaper]

The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans has provided remarkable insights into the biology of aging. The precisely measurable lifespan of worms has proven to be an efficient

Worms on drugs: How well can C. elegans predict drug toxicity in mammals?

One can kill nematodes by feeding them any number of noxious chemicals, but how effectively can worms predict potential human toxicity of drug leads?

Longevity Studies Using C. elegans to Identify Potential Anti-Aging Compounds [Customer Story]

Dr. Vollmer shares his experience working with us and how the Longevity Platform delivers the results he needs within his timeline and budget.

Research Spotlight: Alzheimer’s Disease

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. We wanted to take a few moments to spotlight some of the awe-inspiring research on Alzheimer’s disease taking

When Details Matter: Bacterial Inactivation in Compound Associated Longevity Testing

One of our lab techs gives us an inside look at the development process of our automated Lifespan Analysis Platform and the importance of UV-inactivated

[Webinar] A Shortcut To Understanding Longevity: A Rapid In Vivo Analysis Of A Compound’s Effect On Health And Aging

[Case Study] Exploring the Potential

NemaMetrix is the market leader for early preclinical in-vivo testing using small animal models to gain a better understanding of the efficacy, mode of action,

A New Approach to Anti-Aging Research

The shift towards preventive medicine has given anti-aging startups a favorable environment in pursuing longevity and aging issues. The nematode C. elegans has emerged to

wMicroTracker Applications: Aging and Healthspan

The wMicroTracker is a great product to add to your work around aging and healthpsan. Check out the application sheet below to see how easy

Aging studies use C. elegans to test bacterial genes

Interesting data using C. elegans for studying the impact your gut microbiome may have on your lifespan and healthspan from the Wang Lab at Baylor
Duration of pharyngeal contraction

Health markers are impaired in aging C. elegans

C. elegans’ feeding behavior strongly influences the worm’s aging and longevity. We tested adult worms to quantify how aging affects their feeding behavior. In
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