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[Case Study] Exploring the Potential

NemaMetrix is the market leader for early preclinical in-vivo testing using small animal models to gain a better understanding of the efficacy, mode of action, toxicity and potential targets for novel compounds. In this case study we outline how we used the animal model C. elegans to perform a set of specific experiments designed by our experts to provide rapid and reliable data based on our customer’s priorities. Using the data that we provided, our customer was able to apply for multiple patents in a timely manner.

Worming into Relevance – How C. elegans Can Help us Understand Human Health

Animal testing in the research-based pharmaceutical industry has been reduced in recent years both for ethical and cost reasons. However, it is still a staple when it comes to discovering new compounds directed at improving human health. Recently, I have come across more and more researchers who are looking for the most efficient way to …

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Aging studies use C. elegans to test bacterial genes

Interesting data using C. elegans for studying the impact your gut microbiome may have on your lifespan and healthspan from the Wang Lab at Baylor College of Medicine. The study highlights the power of C. elegans as a tool for whole animal discovery – the work would have been impossible to carry out using cultured cells and would have been prohibitively expensive in mice.

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