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Year in Review: InVivo Biosystems 2023, Wrapped

InVivo Biosystems Secures New Investment

Zebrafish vs. Mouse Models: A New Standard in Behavioral Assays

Unraveling Rare Disease Mysteries Part II: Precise CRISPR Knock-in Zebrafish Models of STXBP1 Patient Variants for Functional Studies

Image of a Zebrafish with the title of the article

Unlocking the Mystery: How New Gene Data Sheds Light on Epilepsy

WHAM with CRISPR - re-imaging how rare disease therapeutics are developed

Whole-gene Humanized Animal Models (WHAM) with CRISPR – Re-imagining how Rare Disease therapeutics are developed

America is finally investing in Biotechnology & Biomanufacturing in a Big Way

[Patent Announcement] InVivo Biosystems has officially been issued a patent on WHAM-humanization in the nematode, C. elegans

If the New Regulation on the Dietary Supplement Industry were to pass, would your Products be Compliant?

What happens if the Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022 passes? What if it doesn’t?

Thaena press release

[Press Release] InVivo Biosystems and Thaena Announce Novel Metabolite Research Platform With Compelling Longevity and Healthspan Implications and Outcomes

Review: How a Small Worm is Helping Uncover the Pathogenicity of Gene Variants

A Natural Fit – Using Zebrafish to Evaluate Natural Compounds for Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Differences Between HDR vs NHEJ

The Benefits of Standardizing Zebrafish Diets

A Day in the Life: Lab Tech I

Mistakes And Lessons Learned Part 4: Dosing Worms With Drugs

COVID-19’s Impact on Working Parents

[Press Release] Lifeist Subsidiary Mikra Cellular Sciences to Launch First Product “CELLF” to Combat Brain Fog and Unlock Healthy Aging, Announces U.S. Patent Application and Pre-Clinical Study

Spotlight on InVivo Biosystems’ Zebrafish Work

InVivo Biosystems Launches New Formulation Analysis Platform to Aid Healthy-Aging Product Research and Development

Homeschool Science Resources for Parents and Kids

InVivo Biosystems has partnered with Enviral Tech to help you safely return to lab


New NIH Grant awarded to InVivo Biosystems to address critical needs in precision medicine research

New NIH Grant awarded to InVivo Biosystems to address critical needs in precision medicine research using the model of C. elegans. The grant, titled “Functional

NemaMetrix Expands Business to Capitalize on In-vivo Solutions to Help Speed Testing for Critical Disease Therapeutics

COVID-19 UPDATE: Current Offerings/How can we help your lab?

Continuity of business in response to COVID-19

CRISPR Benchmark Report Findings

Reviewers’ Choice Abstract Award at ASHG Goes to Ben Jussila for Demonstrating how Zebrafish Can be Used for Disease Modeling

Bayer and NemaMetrix present C. elegans results at Parasitic Helminths conference in Greece

How are extreme weather events, such as Hurricane Katrina, spreading heartworms and other parasitic nematodes and what are the implications of their spread?

The Conservative Bias of Life Scientists [Article Review]

We review a recent article published in Cell discussing the conservative bias of life scientists and how that negatively impacts the diversity in research.

C. elegans New Lab Checklist

Are you starting a new C. elegans lab and feeling overwhelmed with starting from scratch? We want to help make this process as smooth as

NemaMetrix raises $5 million USD funding and strengthens senior team

  Investment will be used to further develop the Company’s Precisome platform for functional analysis New investment led by Oregon Venture Fund Dr Stephen Turner

National Epilepsy Week 2019

DNA Day 2019!

New Milestone! We can now remove over 43,000 bp from C. elegans genomic DNA!

12k, 24k, 36k…we can now precisely remove over 43k bp from C. elegans genomic DNA! Knocking out genes is a commonly used tool for biologists

Child Neurology Meeting: Bernard Sachs Award to William B. Dobyns and Precision Medicine in Epilepsy Lecture

The Child Neurology Society honored William (Bill) Dobyns for his highly impactful efforts in characterizing child neurology. In a prolific and highly influential carrier, Bill

PMWC sits down with NemaMetrix to discuss emerging technologies

In preparation for the Precision Medicine World Conference on January 20-23rd, 2019, PMWC took a moment to ask us some questions about the new and

NemaMetrix wins “Job Creation” Award at Inaugural Innovation and Talent Celebration

Thursday November 15th, 2018 – NemaMetrix wins the “Job Creation” Award at the RG Media Company’s inaugural Innovation and Talent Celebration. The event was organized

KCNQ2 Cures Summit – Patient Family Passion and Involvement

The passion to find answers is inspiring. I had the good fortune to attend the KCNQ2 Cure Summit 2018. Meeting the patient families and seeing

My last grant application to the NIH proposing experiments in C. elegans got a perfect score!

‘Those of us who have studied invertebrate model organisms throughout our careers have been nervous that NIH study sections will shut the door on our

NemaMetrix becomes the first “Most Innovative” health startup at Demo Day!

NemaMetrix Inc. is the winner of the first “Most Innovative” health startup at Demo Day organized by CBInsights.

DD News features NemaMetrix in its latest issue on Animal Models of Disease

The latest issue of Drug Discovery News (DDNews) features a special report on Animal Models of Disease, highlighting the NemaMetrix/Knudra merger and the value of

Scientists study how cancer spreads by recording a time-lapse of C. elegans

Scientists from Duke University captured the cellular break-ins in C. elegans, a transparent worm that’s often used as a model for human biology. The cellular

NemaMetrix and Knudra Transgenics announce merger

NemaMetrix and Knudra Transgenics announce merger to provide fast genotype-to-phenotype answers. The combined company will operate under NemaMetrix Inc.
Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy Panels

New product releases from NemaMetrix

As a young and growing company, we are trying to design and introduce new products that can better serve your research needs. We’d like to

NemaMetrix Introduces Fluorescent Staining Kits for Improved Phenotyping in model organism C. elegans

NemaMetrix, a company developing nematode-based drug development and screening technologies, announced the launch of its first series of RediStain™ fluorescent kits for improved visualization of

NemaMetrix Inc., An American Innovation Success Story

NemaMetrix Inc. was selected as the only company representing the state of Oregon by the Science Coalition in its latest Sparking Economic Growth reports released
Knudra Transgenics

Nemametrix and Knudra Transgenics Join Forces to Expand Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Nemametrix Inc., a life sciences startup that created the innovative ScreenChip System for drug screening, mutant phenotyping, and toxicological assessment, has entered into a marketing

ScreenChip Platform Recognized by the White House

The NemaMetrix ScreenChip platform technology was recognized by the White House as one of the breakthrough life science research technologies. CEO Matt Beaudet spoke with
ONAMI logo - Oregon nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute

NemaMetrix announces GAP funding

  NemaMetrix announces being awarded $249,000 in GAP funding from Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) to fund “proof-of-concept” work and to fuel development towards
National Institutes of Health

NemaMetrix Announces NIH funding

NemaMetrix announces being awarded $188,000 for a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institute of Health. The funds will be
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