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Longevity Studies Using C. elegans to Identify Potential Anti-Aging Compounds [Customer Story]

– Dr. David Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer,  4Life Research.

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Dr. David Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer at the dietary supplement company 4Life Research, needed to understand whether a particular ingredient in a new supplement product had anti-aging effects, and to examine the mechanism and science behind the effects.

Dr. Vollmer’s team had two years to develop this new product. They had already spent one year identifying the key ingredient, which left his team with only one year to complete product development. Relying on traditional rodent models would take at least two years and would not fit within the timeline his team had. In addition, product development would require the use of thousands of mice. Both the associated costs and time-frame precluded his team from being able to utilize rodents as a model to study longevity and anti-aging products.

Working with InVivo Biosystems and using the model organism of C. elegans, Dr. Vollmer was able to get the data he needed to proceed with product development within his timeline and budget.

InVivo Biosystems’ Longevity Platform is able to determine whether a compound can extend lifespan or promote a longer healthspan, and test the effects of a compound on signaling pathways and cellular mechanisms of action, all within four months.

Learn more about Dr. Vollmer’s experience in working us and how the Longevity Platform delivered the results he needed within his timeline and budget by reading his customer story.

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