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About InVivo Biosystems

InVivo Biosystems provides essential services to help pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology companies and academic research institutions around the globe accelerate their research and drug discovery efforts.

An expert in CRISPR genome editing, InVivo Biosystems creates custom genome edited C. elegans and zebrafish models to enable aging and other disease studies. In addition, InVivo Biosystems provides in-vivo analytical services to produce data and insights for companies that need to make go/no-go decisions quickly in early-stage development of new compounds.

Inclusion, it’s in our DNA

At InVivo Biosystems, we’re passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that encourages, supports and celebrates diversity. These are not just words for us – we actively seek to create an environment that reflects the global community we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

We are scientists, researchers and barrier breakers. We are nature lovers, readers, hikers, artists, gardeners, sports enthusiasts, friends and family members – we are unique individuals. We believe diversity, equity and inclusion drive innovation. Together, we spark insights to create a better, healthier world.

Our History

Drs. Lockery and Weeks founded NemaMetrix

University of Oregon Professor Shawn Lockery applied microfluidics techniques, which involve precise control and manipulation of constrained



ScreenChip platform technology was recognized by the White House as one of the breakthrough life science research technologies.

NemaMetrix was one of the five finalists who received the award under the Obama Administration. The ScreenChip System was considered a disruptive


NemaMetrix and Knudra Transgenics merge to add CRISPR genome editing capabilities.

NemaMetrix adds the capability of creating custom transgenics by joining forces with Knudra Transgenics, a pioneer and an expert in providing


NemaMetrix launches its first end-to-end in vivo analytical service to produce data and insights for early-stages of drug development.

NemaMetrix's in vivo analytical services produce data and insights for companies that need to make go/no-go decisions quickly and help researchers

NemaMetrix expands its genome editing expertise into creation of genetically modified zebrafish.

The company adds the capability of creating genetic models using zebrafish for understanding gene function, basic biology, and more precisely modeling human diseases.



NemaMetrix becomes the winner of the first "Most Innovative" health startup selected by CB Insights.

While more than 2,000 companies applied for the opportunity to pitch at Demo Day, NemaMetrix was one of 40 companies chosen to present at the A-ha!

Our Board of Directors

Ann Bunnenberg, Ph.D.

CEO, White Horse Consulting LLC

Evangeline Gonzalez

VP/GM at Antylia Scientific

Shawn Lockery, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CTO Sr. Member, National Academy of Inventors

C. Palani Palaniappan, Ph.D.

Chief Innovation Officer, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Rick Miller

Co-Founder, Rogue Venture Partners

Our Management Team

Matt Beaudet

Chief Executive Officer

Janis Weeks, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Global Health Officer

Chris Hopkins, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Tony Iverson, CPA, MBA

VP of Finance

Kat McCormick, Ph.D.

VP of Product

Shula Jaron, Ph.D.

VP of Growth

Sarah Cheesman, Ph.D.

Director of Sales

Harold Holman

Director of Operations

Maggie Covarrubias, M.S.

Human Resources Director

Trisha Brock, Ph.D.

Director of Research & Technical Delivery

Ann Bunnenberg

As the former CEO of EGI, Ann has a strong epilepsy and clinical background.

Evangaline Gonzalez

Evangeline Gonzalez has more than 17 years of commercialization experience within the biotechnology industry and has successfully led Market Development and Product Development for a wide array of global businesses ranging from Protein Analysis, Sequencing and Molecular Biology technologies.

Gonzalez joins Advanced Cell Diagnostics from Life Technologies, a 3.7 billion dollar company where she was most recently Chief Marketing Officer- Life Sciences and was responsible for facilitating growth and global market development strategy for the Life Science Division.

Shawn Lockery

As the inventor of the NemaMetrix core system (the ScreenChip), Shawn brings his expertise in C.elegans, neurophysiology, and microfluidics for biological applications from the Lockery Lab at University of Oregon.

C. Palani Palaniappan

Chockalingam “Palani” Palaniappan is the chief technology officer at Epic Sciences. An accomplished global life sciences innovation executive with more than 20 years of global leadership experience across three multinational corporations, GE Healthcare, Life Technologies, and Terumo BCT, delivering over $500M in career revenue. Palani’s proven track record in managing products, people and process spans diverse fields from life science tool companies to the MedTech Industry. He has helped architect many transformative products at the interface of science and technology for scientific and clinical applications including genomics, proteomics, cell biology tools to patient connected engineering devices in health.

Before joining Epic Sciences, Palani was the executive vice president of Innovation and Development and a board member of the Terumo Global Blood Management at Terumo BCT, a global leader in blood management, therapeutic apheresis, cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Prior to this role, he served as the vice president for Research and Development for Cellular Analysis at Life Technologies. Preceding that, he was the head of Molecular Diagnostics for the Amersham Life Sciences unit of GE Healthcare.  Palani has a PhD in the field of biological sciences from Northern Illinois University, followed on by a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Rochester in HIV biology.

Rick Miller

Rick Miller founded the Avamere Group in 1995 with the acquisition of a single skilled nursing facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. He has served as CEO since 2018.

In 2010 Rick co-founded the venture capital firm, Rogue Venture Partners. Rogue invests primarily in Oregon-based entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses with funding and mentorship.

Matt Beaudet

As the CEO, Matt brings over 18 years in development leadership in creating platforms for the biotechnology and drug discovery markets.

Janis Weeks, Ph.D.

An expert in anthelmintic research, Janis brings her experience and expertise in technology development for drug screening platforms, including anthelmintic (anti-nematode worm) drugs for human and animal health; nematode neurobiology and genetics; synaptic physiology; neural circuits for behavior; insect neurobiology; tropical infectious and parasitic diseases. She provides technical guidance to our technology development.

Chris Hopkins, PhD

Tony Iverson

Tony brings a wide range of experience and expertise in building and leading accounting and finance functions in the healthcare and biotech industries. 

Kat McCormick, PhD

Kat integrates a deep knowledge of bioscience with her experience in growing startups. She identifies and implements strategic partnerships and other growth opportunities. 

Wenlan Hu

Sarah Cheesman, PhD

Sarah brings many years of sales and business development experience to the team. Her research background is in nervous system development and bacterial host interactions using the zebrafish model system.  

Harold Holman

Harold brings more than 25 years of experience in Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. His experience includes implementing Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, and ISO9000 during large retail growth periods, leading multiple teams, and the logistics side of large distribution centers.

Darsi Neff, MBA

Darsi brings a wealth of experience in growing teams, streamlining operations, and building high performing organizations in the healthcare IT and biotech industries. 

Trisha Brock, PhD

Trisha brings technical expertise in the application of genetics and genetic engineering to create and use animal models for biomedical research.