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Huntington’s Disease: Revolutionizing Drug Discovery with Fast In Vivo Models
Parkinson’s Takes Decades to Develop–Zebrafish Provides Answers Within Days.
Unraveling Epilepsy: Modeling Dravet Syndrome in Zebrafish
Alternative Animal Models Unlock Hope in STXBP1 Epilepsy Research
Rapid Results: The RapidGen™ CRISPR Approach
Speeding up the diagnostic journey for Rare Disease patients: An in vivo discovery platform that helps classify variants of uncertain significance
Whitepaper: What is IND?
Fast, Cost Effective Compound Efficacy Testing using Zebrafish
Leaky gut assays feature image
Leaky Gut Assays in Animal Models
FDA Modernization Act 3.0: Alternative Animal Models are Transforming Drug Development
WHAM with CRISPR - re-imaging how rare disease therapeutics are developed
Whole-gene Humanized Animal Models (WHAM) with CRISPR – Re-imagining how Rare Disease therapeutics are developed
customer story: zebrafish CRO feature image
Using Zebrafish Custom Injection Mixes to Accelerate the Grant Application Process
WHAM - humanized animal models for drug discovery
WHAMyness – How Gene-Humanized Animals Can Dramatically Improve Drug Discovery
America is finally investing in Biotechnology & Biomanufacturing in a Big Way
The Path to Affordable Therapeutics in Rare Disease – Tackling Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation in the PMM2 gene [Customer Story].
[Patent Announcement] InVivo Biosystems has officially been issued a patent on WHAM-humanization in the nematode, C. elegans
Looking at Gene Paralogs across both zebrafish and C. elegans Model Organisms [Customer Story]
Part Two: Is Drug Repurposing the New Model for Drug Discovery?
Part One: An Overview of Drug Repurposing
Chemicals Models of Parkinson’s Disease in Larval Zebrafish
Poking its way into Western Medicine: How Acupuncture Could Help Ease Chronic Pain
A Natural Fit – Using Zebrafish to Evaluate Natural Compounds for Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Quick Guide to Natural Products: What They are and How They Impact You
zfish as drug discovery tool feature image
Lost and Found: Zebrafish as a Drug Discovery Tool
Neuroscience Models: Transgenic Mice, Zebrafish, C. Elegans – And Jellyfish?
From ED to AD: a drug repurposing success? How a performance-enhancing drug is giving insight into dementia
The In (vitro, vivo, silico)s and Outs of Research
The Discrepancy Between Sexes: Clinical Models & Clinical Trials
A Closer Look at Nutraceutical Regulations: How Does the USA Compare?
Recent Nutraceutical Research
Testing the Neuroprotective Effect of a Lead Compound Using C. elegans for Fast and Cost-Effective Answers [Customer Story]
FDA versus FTC Approval – What is the Difference?
HIV, COVID-19, Alzheimer’s: The Impact of The FDA’s Expedited Programs and What’s Next
Fast-tracking Medicines to Patients in Need: Navigating the FDA’s Expedited Tracks to Accelerate Your Drug Discovery and Development.
New Alzheimer’s Drug: Helpful or Just Expedient?
Rising Healthcare Costs? Non-Mammalian Models To The Rescue
Let’s Fail Faster: Why Scientific Failures Should be Accepted as Progress
The DrugAge Database: Showcasing C. Elegans In Longevity Research
Drug Repurposing for Neurological Disorders
Neurological disorders are extremely widespread, affecting over 1 billion people worldwide, and have debilitating effects, impacting the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, and peripheral nerves.
Whole Gene Humanization for Personalized Medicine Applications
We have found whole gene humanization can create a platform for highly translatable results in a model organism. Currently there is a big need for
How to Design a Good Phenotype Based Drug Discovery Program, and Why It Matters.
With the advent of the molecular biology revolution and the human genome project in the 1990s there was a historic shift toward target-based drug development.
Understanding GPCRs Using Humanized C. elegans
Our CSO, Dr. Chris Hopkins presented at DR. GPCR SUMMIT 2020 on why C. elegans is an ideal model to study the underlying principles of
Seventeen Minutes of Science: Viral Gene Therapies and Their Potential Use Against COVID-19
Tune in weekly to our virtual series “Seventeen Minutes of Science” every Tuesday at 11am PST / 2pm ET where we go live on Facebook
Seventeen Minutes of Science: Spreading out from Kendall (Episode 6)
Zebrafish and C. elegans in ALS: tightening the bench-to-clinic gap
While advances in molecular imaging, high-throughput screening, genomics and techniques like CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing have dramatically enhanced our understanding of the human body and disease,
wMicroTracker Applications: Drug Screening
The wMicroTracker is a great product to add to your drug screening toolkit. Check out the application sheet below to see how easy it is
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