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A Natural Fit – Using Zebrafish to Evaluate Natural Compounds for Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Quick Guide to Natural Products: What They are and How They Impact You

Summary: This Earth Month we at InVivo Biosystems are thinking about how we utilize Earth’s resources in biomedicine – from animal systems that enable us
microbiome models feature image

Models to Research Microbiome

In this article, we will discuss the commonly used model organisms for microbiome research, and what insights they can provide.
zfish as drug discovery tool feature image

Lost and Found: Zebrafish as a Drug Discovery Tool

Summary Zebrafish models largely began as a way to research developmental biology, however, their potential to be a preclinical model of human disease quickly became

Neuroscience Models: Transgenic Mice, Zebrafish, C. elegans – and Jellyfish?

In this article we discuss Weissbourd’s recent publication as well as GCaMP more broadly, showing how advancing technology has enabled researchers to ask questions that

From ED to AD: a drug repurposing success? How a performance-enhancing drug is giving insight into dementia

Recently, researchers at Cleveland Clinic’s Genomic Medicine Institute published an article in Nature Aging which has caused quite a stir in the medical community and

The In (vitro, vivo, silico)s and Outs of Research

Experiments fall into three categories – in vivo, in vitro, and in silico studies, and all of them have a different, but important role in

The Discrepancy Between Sexes: Clinical Models & Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical drugs go through a rigorous process that tests their safety and efficacy before gaining FDA approval and being put on the commercial market. Traditionally,

A Closer Look at Nutraceutical Regulations: How Does the USA Compare?

In this article we will explore how the nutraceutical regulations compare in the USA and abroad, asking how they are defined in each country, what

Recent Nutraceutical Research

We’ve rounded up some of the recent publications that we’ve been enjoying – click their links below to see what’s new in this space!

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