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Industries we serve

InVivo Biosystems are dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech industries by generating comprehensive science-based evidence of safety and efficacy.

Who we serve


Harness the power of early screening on zebrafish and C. elegans model organisms to select winning treatments for disease-specific conditions.Our unique approach to identify efficacious drugs and treatments more quickly and readily, costing less time and money than traditional mouse models.

Nutraceutical / Health & Wellness

Companies in the health and wellness space have unique needs and goals, while being equally focused on sound scientific data. We provide you with the data you need to select winning compounds, file patents, and design successful clinical trials.


Need expert hands to carry out your research program? We are widely recognized for our deep expertise in model organism creation and phenotyping. Let our zebrafish and C. elegans experts help you design and carry out your studies, getting you to the next milestone.

Academic Collaborators

Whether you need help with model creation or phenotyping, we are here to help.

Questions? Contact us.