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The Path to Affordable Therapeutics in Rare Disease – Tackling Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation in the PMM2 gene [Customer Story].

Looking at Gene Paralogs across both zebrafish and C. elegans Model Organisms [Customer Story]

Drs Pruyne & Almack leveraged InVivo Biosystems’ Custom Injection Mix to design and create a novel zebrafish line.

Creating Transgenic C. elegans Models For Clinical Variants of Unknown Significance [Customer Story]

Using the models provided by InVivo Biosystems, the Starr & Luxton Labs were able to focus their efforts on understanding and evaluating the variants and

Longevity Studies Using C. elegans to Identify Potential Anti-Aging Compounds [Customer Story]

Dr. Vollmer shares his experience working with us and how the Longevity Platform delivers the results he needs within his timeline and budget.

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