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Using Zebrafish CRO to Accelerate Grant Application Process

Dr Quintana chose to leverage InVivo Biosystems’ fully validated custom injection mixes to create point mutations that target the protein HFC1 in zebrafish

The Path to Affordable Therapeutics in Rare Disease – Tackling Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation in the PMM2 gene [Customer Story].

Looking at Gene Paralogs across both zebrafish and C. elegans Model Organisms [Customer Story]

Drs Pruyne & Almack leveraged InVivo Biosystems’ Custom Injection Mix to design and create a novel zebrafish line.

Creating Transgenic C. elegans Models For Clinical Variants of Unknown Significance [Customer Story]

Using the models provided by InVivo Biosystems, the Starr & Luxton Labs were able to focus their efforts on understanding and evaluating the variants and

Longevity Studies Using C. elegans to Identify Potential Anti-Aging Compounds [Customer Story]

Dr. Vollmer shares his experience working with us and how the Longevity Platform delivers the results he needs within his timeline and budget.
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