Preclinical CRO Services

Preclinical Drug Discovery & Development with Zebrafish

InVivo Biosystems is trusted by pharmaceutical and other biotech partners around the globe to quickly and cost effectively develop human relevant solutions. Using zebrafish, we provide deep insights into preclinical development programs and drug discovery that go beyond the test tube.

Benefits of C. elegans Genome Editing | InVivo Biosystems

Our Zebrafish CRO Services

Therapeutic Testing | InVivo Biosystems

Therapeutic Testing

Determine if a lead compound ameliorates disease phenotypes or affect important metabolites.

Genetic Target Validation | InVivo Biosystems

Genetic Target Validation

Determine if genes are involved in disease processes and make good targets for further discovery.

Library Screening | InVivo Biosystems

Library Screening

Medium throughput screen of compound libraries and biologics (up to BSL2).

ADME-Tox | InVivo Biosystems

Toxicity Screening

Perform acute embryo toxicity testing, targeted hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and cardiotoxiciity analysis.

Compound Testing Services

Vitality Study | InVivo Biosystems

We perform lifetime monitoring of a large population animals to determine whether compounds and formulations affect lifespan and healthspan.

Antioxidant Property Study | InVivo Biosystems

We uncover whether a compound or formulation has antioxidant properties using a standardized reactive oxygen species exposure assay.

Genetic Signature Study | InVivo Biosystems

We utilize cutting-edge RNAseq and transcriptomics technology to reveal how compounds impact gene expression by analyzing up or down-regulated genetic pathways.

Mitochondrial Function Study | InVivo Biosystems

We investigate the impact of a compound or formulation on mitochondrial function across the lifespan utilizing fluorescent imaging of mitochondrial structures.

Microbiome Study | InVivo Biosystems

We determine the role of the underlying genetics in creating health benefits and investigate the underlying mechanisms involved in pathway.

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