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Expert Extrachromosomal Array Services for Precise Genetic Manipulation

InVivo Biosystems is a leading biotech company that offers a range of cutting-edge services to researchers and organizations in the biotech industry.

The Extrachromosomal array service is one of our flagship services which is designed to help genetics researchers, biotechnologists, and medical professionals with the creation of stable transgenic lines and the introduction of new genetic material into a wide range of organisms for their research.

What is Extrachromosomal Array?

Extrachromosomal array enables your desired construct to be expressed without being integrated into the genome. Using extrachromosomal arrays, you can choose to express a variety of configurations of transgenes, such as:

  • C. elegans gene with a fluorescent tag
  • C. elegans gene with an immunotag
  • Exogenous gene and/or fluorescent protein driven by a C. elegans promoter
  • C. elegans gene driven by a promoter of your choice

Why Choose our Extrachromosomal Array Service?

Below are the benefits of InVivo’s custom injection service for C. elegans using CRISPR technology.

  1. Expertise in CRISPR Genome Editing
    • Our team at InVivo Biosystems possesses exceptional proficiency in CRISPR genome editing techniques, ensuring precise and accurate modifications.
  2. Tailored Solutions for Genetic Manipulation
    • We specialize in creating custom genome-edited models in C. elegans and zebrafish, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific research needs.
  3. Advancing Aging, Developmental, and Disease Studies
    • Our extrachromosomal array service empowers groundbreaking research in aging, developmental biology, and disease studies, enabling you to unravel intricate biological processes.
  4. Comprehensive In Vivo Platforms
    • InVivo Biosystems bridges the gap between cellular studies and mouse models, providing comprehensive in vivo platforms to elevate the scope and impact of your research.
  5. Unrivaled Precision and Integration
    • With our innovative technologies, we offer unrivaled precision in genetic manipulation and seamless integration between different research modalities.
  6. Proven Track Record
    • Join a community of renowned researchers who have experienced the transformative power of our extrachromosomal array service, propelling their germline development studies to new heights.

Extrachromosomal Array Service Package

We provide comprehensive and budget-friendly genome editing service packages tailored to meet the specific needs of all laboratories.

Service Package


Est. Delivery Time

Full Build


8 weeks and up

Candidate Lines


6 weeks and up

Custom Injection Mix


4 weeks and up

Note: Additional charge applies for cargo over 4.5kb in size for all packages.

Other Gene Editing Services We Provide

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