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Employee Spotlight: Technical Applications Scientist Ben Jussila

Employee Spotlight: Lab Manager LeAnn Bowers

Employee Spotlight: Project Manager Kalyn Hubbard

Employee Spotlight: Senior Software Developer Kolt McBride

How do we use Machine Learning to Automatically Measure C.elegans Lifespan?

Testing the efficacy of JadeAging®, a Chinese Medicine based longevity formulation, using InVivo Biosystems’ suite of in vivo platforms

Temperature & C. elegans Part Two: How does Temperature affect development?

Summary: We recently published a piece on the importance of temperature in C.elegans which got the whole InVivio Biosystems team thinking about C. elegans’ development,

The Benefits of Standardizing Zebrafish Diets

We recently were asked to procure a special zebrafish diet, which got us thinking about zebrafish diets overall. Once we started researching this custom diet,

A Day in the Life: Lab Tech I

Summary: Marilee joined InVivo Biosystems in 2021 after graduating with a BSc in Environmental Science from OSU, in this article she chronicles a day in

Mistakes and Lessons Learned Part 5: Maintaining Homozygous Cultures/Male Identification

Summary: In this five part series we are exploring some common mishaps when working with C. elegans, so you can hopefully avoid them too! Especially since

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