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Microfluidic EPG Recordings From Diverse Nematode Species

The InVivo Biosystem ScreenChip platform was developed for C. elegans, which is a free-living (non-parasitic) species that feeds on bacteria and has both hermaphroditic and male sexes. However, C. elegans represents only one of the estimated 1 million members of the highly diverse phylum Nematoda, of which only ~25,000 species have been described. In addition to free-living species, other nematodes parasitize humans, animals or plants, with significant medical, veterinary and economic consequences. To demonstrate the utility of microfluidic EPG recordings from species beyond C. elegans, we adapted the platform to record from human and animal parasites, male and female members of a dioecious species, and a carnivorous nematode.

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OP50 Vs. HB101: Which Food Should I Choose?

Nematode worms such as Caenorhabditis elegans feed on bacteria as a food source. In the wild, C. elegans obtain various bacteria from rotting plants, fruit, and vegetation, but under laboratory conditions, C. elegans is normally cultured on agar plates with a standardized bacterial lawn.  There are many bacterial diets used for culturing C. elegans. The …

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