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Comprehensive Compound Efficacy Testing Services

When it comes to securing science-based evidence of safety and efficacy for your compound or formulation, InVivo have you covered. As a preclinical CRO, we specialize in working with the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech industries, offering a wide range of analytical assays, including the miniaturization of cell-based assays and the utilization of reporter cell lines. These approaches allow us to provide critical data, including the response of living cells to your compounds, ensuring comprehensive and reliable results. With our unique workflows and capabilities, we can deliver the data you require, delivering benefits to your business in as little as 3 months.

Get your efficacy and safety data in as little as 3 months

Need comprehensive science-based evidence of safety and efficacy for your compound or formulation? We are a preclinical CRO and work with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech industries by providing the data our clients need to select the most effective “winning” compounds, determine mechanism of action, file patents and succeed in clinical trials.

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Why Choose Our Compound Efficacy Testing Services

Our unique workflows and capabilities can deliver the data you need and benefits to your business in as little as 3 months. 

Listen to one of our customers (Mikra) discuss why they chose to partner with us and the value they gained from working with our team >>

“We were able to get the data we needed to proceed with product development within our timeline and budget. We trust the data and findings provided by InVivo Biosystems, which are shared with our customers and distributors. I really felt that InVivo Biosystems did pretty much everything that they said they would do. It was done in a manner that gave me confidence in the results.”

– Dr. David Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer, 4Life Research.

Compound Effects Testing Studies

Vitality Study | InVivo Biosystems

Vitality Study

We perform lifetime monitoring of a large population animals to determine whether compounds and formulations affect lifespan and healthspan.

Antioxidant Property Study | InVivo Biosystems

Antioxidant Property Study

We uncover whether a compound or formulation has antioxidant properties using a standardized reactive oxygen species exposure assay.

Genetic Signature Study | InVivo Biosystems

Genetic Signature Study

We utilize cutting-edge RNAseq and transcriptomics technology to reveal how compounds impact gene expression by analyzing up or down-regulated genetic pathways.

Mitochondrial Function Study | InVivo Biosystems

Mitochondrial Function Study

We investigate the impact of a compound or formulation on mitochondrial function across the lifespan utilizing fluorescent imaging of mitochondrial structures.

Microbiome Study | InVivo Biosystems

Microbiome Study

We determine the role of the underlying genetics in creating health benefits and investigate the underlying mechanisms involved in pathway.

Advantages & Approach

Service Offerings

Data Only

Data Interpretation

Data Customization


2-3 months

2-3 months

2-3 months


Study Report

Vitality & Antioxidant Study Report – an example of a client project report.

From Worm to Pre-Clinical Data | InVivo Biosystems
How a company leveraged C. elegans to predict the most valuable compound to develop.


Frequently Asked Questions

To find an optimal dosage for longevity testing, we apply
  • a highly-sensitive growth assay to find physiologically effective dose range,
  • an acute toxicity assay to determine maximum non-toxic dose, and
  • our extensive knowledge base of compound testing in C. elegans.
We share our data and rationale with the client in advance of finalizing dosage and delivery for longevity assays.

We monitor and measure the growth rate of animals exposed to compound from hatching to the first day of adulthood (total of 4 days) using precise, automated image analysis. Nematode growth rate and development is highly sensitive to chemical disturbances, and the growth assay is widely used in toxicology studies.

WTS can be more cost-effective than qPCR to identify which genomic loci are expressed in a population at a given time over the entire expression range, hypothesis-free (without the need to pre-define the genes of interest). In addition, WTS yields high dimensional data for a large number of genomic loci and detects gene expression changes (i.e., mRNA levels) between different experimental conditions.

We accept crystals, solutions, emulsions, oils, natural extracts, nanoparticles or nanobeads up to 15 µm diameter.

We do not accept compounds that are hazardous and/or BSL 3 and above or any hazardous volatile compounds that require handling in a chemical hood.

Yes, however we recommend that a client provide either the compound itself or the specific catalog number(s) of the compound to be tested.

A positive and a negative control are included for each compound. The appropriate controls will be defined based on the nature of the compounds to be tested.

Our Process

InVivo Biosystems Process #1


Understand Your Goal

We will set up a 30-minute call with you to understand your needs. During this call, we will define the scope of your project, answer your practical questions and help you assess whether our service is a good fit for you.


InVivo Biosystems Process #2



Create A Custom Catalog

After we decide on the scope of the project, we will create a proposal that includes cost and time estimate for each experiment proposed. You will be able to personalize your project plan.

InVivo Biosystems Process #3


Finalize Project Design

We will send you a final statement of work and payment schedule. Once we receive your first PO, we will start the experiments and give you a defined timeline for your project.


InVivo Biosystems Process #4

Report Out

Maintain Clarity And Transparency

We will keep you updated every two weeks on the status of your project. At the end of your project, we provide you with a report that includes comprehensive findings and key takeaways.


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