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Genome Edited Animal Models For Studying Your Gene Of Interest

“When people talk about ‘model organisms,’ many people think that the animal has to ‘model’ the human disease condition to have any impact. We argue that this is not the case. Simply studying what the homologous gene does in the context of the model organism can provide important insights into disease pathology. Rare genetic variants can be modeled in a number of different model organisms, informing causality between a particular variant and a pathogenic phenotype and offering clinicians and their patients hope for a diagnosis, insight into the mechanisms and pathways involved in a rare disease, and ways it might be treated.” Neff, E.P. Model matchmaking. Lab Anim 50, 39–42 (2021).

Why Choose Our C. elegans Custom Injection Service | InVivo Biosystems

Using CRISPR and other genome editing methods, InVivo Biosystems can humanize or genetically engineer Zebrafish and C. elegans into powerful animal models for better understanding genetic mutations and disease biology discovery.

“InVivo Biosystems adapted to the needs of our project and created strains that introduced the variants of interest at the endogenous C.elegans locus.” In doing so, “they acted as a temporary post-doc, to speed this project along much faster than we could have done in the lab ourselves.” Ellen Gregory, PhD candidate, Starr & Luxton Labs, UC Davis.

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