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If the New Regulation on the Dietary Supplement Industry were to pass, would your Products be Compliant?

What happens if the Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022 passes? What if it doesn’t?

A Natural Fit – Using Zebrafish to Evaluate Natural Compounds for Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Let the Good Times Roll: The Synergistic Effect of Cannabinoids and Other Natural Compounds

Microbiome Development: Does Your Childhood Environment Determine Your Gut Health For Life?

Testing the efficacy of JadeAging®, a Chinese Medicine based longevity formulation, using InVivo Biosystems’ suite of in vivo platforms

Man,… and Microbes, Best Friends?: Your microbiota composition is shaped by your pets

Quick Guide to Natural Products: What They are and How They Impact You

Summary: This Earth Month we at InVivo Biosystems are thinking about how we utilize Earth’s resources in biomedicine – from animal systems that enable us

Does everyone have digestive issues? — Gut dysbiosis is on the rise.

In this article we discuss the rise in gut dysbiosis, and new risk factors: microplastics, consumption of supplements, and chronic stress.
microbiome models feature image

Models to Research Microbiome

In this article, we will discuss the commonly used model organisms for microbiome research, and what insights they can provide.

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