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Leaky Gut Assays in Animal Models

Inflammation in your intestine is detrimental to overall health, and can create many complications. So how is this phenomenon researched?

Is our Brain Health Reliant on our Gut?

In this article we will discuss the collection of new gut-brain publications, and how their findings could influence the approach and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Going Veggie for your Gut Health? Not so Fast: Many Plant-based Meals are Ultra-Processed and May Damage Your Microbiome

What controls your behavior? Your brain or your gut?

Microbiome Development: Does Your Childhood Environment Determine Your Gut Health For Life?

What determines your microbiome composition? In this article we discuss how childhood environment affects microbiome development.

Man,… and Microbes, Best Friends?: Your microbiota composition is shaped by your pets

Does everyone have digestive issues? — Gut dysbiosis is on the rise.

In this article we discuss the rise in gut dysbiosis, and new risk factors: microplastics, consumption of supplements, and chronic stress.
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Models to Research Microbiome

In this article, we will discuss the commonly used model organisms for microbiome research, and what insights they can provide.
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