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Seventeen Minutes of Science: Virology & World Health (Episode 2)

Stuck at home with nothing to do during this quarantine? Restless to still be learning and interacting with other scientists? You’re in luck! You can now tune in weekly to our virtual series “Seventeen Minutes of Science”. Every Tuesday at 11am PST/ 2pm ET we will go live on Facebook to talk about science for (you guessed it) 17 minutes!

This week’s host is Sarah Cheesman, a Technical Solutions Scientist at InVivo Biosystems, who interviews Dr. Janis Weeks, the Chief Global Health Officer and one of the co-founders of NemaMetrix (now InVivo Biosystems). Janis is also a professor at the University of Oregon where she focuses her teaching on tropical diseases, infectious diseases, and parasitology.

Take a listen to learn about viruses, world health, and Janis’s take on the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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