Compound Effects Testing Platform For Microbiome Study

Gut Microbiome Study Service: Advancing Research Using Zebrafish and C. elegans Models

The microbiome is a relatively new area of research. Formerly dominated by mammalian rodent studies, more and more researchers are finding that alternative models such as zebrafish and C. elegans can offer the ability to perform large-scale observational studies, with low maintenance cost, and yet not sacrifice translatability. These organisms can help answer both fundamental questions about the role of microbes, and the underlying mechanisms involved in pathway.

  • Monitor survival and movement to compare lifespan and healthspan.
  • Conduct transcriptomics study to determine the role of the underlying genetics in creating these health benefits (aka mechanism of action).
  • Kaplan-Meier estimate of survival function

  • Descriptive statistics and tests for differences between groups



Our unique workflows and capabilities can get you the data you need in as little as 3 months. We can:

As a result:

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2-3 months

2-3 months


Study Report

Vitality & Antioxidant Study Report – an example of a client project report. 

What is the microbiome? How does it help or hinder health? And, what
does recent research indicate?

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