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Author: Shawn Lockery, Ph.D., Co-founder

Disease Modeling

Modeling Rare Diseases in Caenorhabditis elegans

There are approximately 7,000 rare diseases in humans, ~80% of which are monogenic. A rare disease is defined as affecting less than one in 1,500 people. Combined, these rare diseases affect nearly 1 in 10 Americans (25 to 30 million people), and treatments only exist for around 5% of these diseases. Thanks to the advent of whole genome sequencing, the gene(s) responsible for many rare diseases are known, opening the door for more comprehensive studies.

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View from the Bench

Microfluidics versus habitat: what’s a worm to do?

Recent improvements in our knowledge of the natural environment of C. elegans should make us cautious about the conclusions we draw from observations of worm behavior on agar plates. Do microfluidic devices offer a more naturalistic alternative?

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