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Zebrafish Husbandry 101: Tracking Fish Health

This video discusses the daily maintenance and upkeep of zebrafish, including keeping track of population health, our daily zebrafish rack checklist (water flow, buffer fills, etc.), and the fishes’ feeding schedule.

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Keeping track of fish health is a very important aspect of fish husbandry. Every day we take a look at all of the fish in every single tank to make sure that they don’t have any illnesses or ailments. If there’s a sickly looking fish, we may choose to humanely euthanize them to ensure the colonies help. We make sure to track any sick, moribund or dead fish so that over time we can notice that there is an increase in sick fish. This could indicate that there’s some sort of issue with the rack or a pathogen or bacteria is attacking the fish. We also have a daily rack checklist to ensure that the rack is in proper working order. We first check to make sure that water is flowing to each tank and that no nozzles are clogged. We check to make sure that there’s no spills or overflowing tanks, and we also check to make sure our buffers are full. This is also where we check off when the fish have been fed each meal.

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