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Recent Nutraceutical Research

The Nutraceutical market has exploded over recent years, it was valued at $278.8 billion USD in 2020, and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 7.8% – reaching $441.7 billion USD by 2026 (ReporterLinker, 2021). With that forecast it is no wonder that there has been an increased interest in researching nutraceutical ingredients and their effects. Coupled with the growing market potential, is the regulatory concern which is making more comprehensive testing necessary. 

comparison of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals

Image 1. Comparison of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Nutraceuticals can be consumed via normal food, as ingredients with naturally high contents or as substances being enriched in a food matrix. In contrast, pharmaceuticals are products that are developed for a specific medical application (Sauer & Plauth, 2017).

We’ve rounded up some of the recent publications that we’ve been enjoying – click their links below to see what’s new in this space!

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