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Testing the Neuroprotective Effect of a Lead Compound Using C. elegans for Fast and Cost-Effective Answers [Customer Story]

Dr. Marius Galyan is the founder and CEO of Galyan Bio, Inc., a research company on a mission to discover new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s Disease. Dr. Galyan and his team had discovered a compound originally developed for Huntington’s that removes pathologic proteins in addition to activating novel neurons, giving it a neuroprotective effect.

One of the major contributing factors to how humans age is that, as we age, our ability to efficiently degrade pathological proteins decreases. Since the compound that Dr. Galyan had found seemed to remove the pathological proteins, he believed that the neuroprotective effect of this compound had intriguing implications on longevity, and required further study.

Dr. Galyan wanted to test this hypothesis, but he recognized that generating a realistic longevity model is very difficult, and that traditional models such as mice are both expensive and time intensive. After doing his research into alternate animal models, he landed on C. elegans as a cost-effective and fast way to test his compound. While C. elegans seemed like the perfect model to test his hypothesis, for someone who has never used the model before it can be very challenging to run lifespan assays. Dr. Galyan chose to leverage the InVivo Biosystems Longevity Platform to assess a single select compound for possible effects upon C. elegans’ longevity and healthspan and now has the data he needs to continue confidently with his research.

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Download our customer story to learn more about Dr. Galyan’s research, why he chose to leverage the InVivo Biosystems’ Longevity Platform, and the benefits of using our platform for his research.

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Hannah Huston

Hannah is the Marketing Manager at InVivo Biosystems. She received her Bachelor of Science in Science & Management specializing in Biotechnology from Scripps College in 2017. She has been with InVivo Biosystems since June of 2018. Outside of work Hannah coaches youth soccer and enjoys being active and outside with her dog, Siri.

About The Author

Alexandra Narin

Alexandra is the Marketing Content Manager and Grant Writer for InVivo Biosystems. She graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2020 where she earned a Joint MA Honours Degree in English & Psychology/Neuroscience with BPS [British Psychology Society] Accreditation. She has worked as a research assistant, examining the LEC's (lateral entorhinal cortex) involvement in spatial memory and integrating long term multimodal item-context associations, and completed her dissertation on how the number and kinds of sensory cues affect memory persistence across timescales. Her hobbies include running, boxing, and reading.

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