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Year in Review: InVivo Biosystems 2023, Wrapped

2023, A Landmark Year for InVivo Biosystems

The InVivo Biosystems team is excited to present another successful year’s accomplishments below. 2023 was a year full of genome editing breakthrough, and the trajectory is even better for 2024. 

A Message From Our CEO

2023 was a year defined by the remarkable synergy between our dedicated team and our visionary customers working together to achieve success. Our numbers show this to be a banner year of success – but it was more than just positive results that made this an important milestone in our journey. It was about accelerating the pace of discovery and speeding up the rate of therapeutic development. It was about finding the right needles in a haystack quickly. It was about cleanly disentangling the mechanism of action. It was about doing what had been thought of as too difficult or maybe even just plain not possible. Our team is grateful to our partners for enabling our success this last year. We are excited to share some of our collaborative achievements below… and we look forward to working with you in 2024!

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Ally Wimberly

Ally Wimberly is the Manager of Marketing and Sales Operations at InVivo Biosystems. Ally has diverse experience in both academia and biotech industry, and in her industry experience has been successful in both Operations and R&D roles. She leverages her product development, project management, and quality assurance expertise in her current role at IVB.

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