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Spotlight on InVivo Biosystems’ Zebrafish Work

Recently, the life science operating platform Scispot released its list of the Top 5 Zebrafish CROs in the World, with InVivo Biosystems at the top of the list! We are delighted to be recognized in this way and to represent the zebrafish community in the USA; and we congratulate all the other zebrafish CRO companies around the world. Click here for more information about zebrafish CRO services.

It is encouraging to see the wide adoption of zebrafish in research, particularly pertaining to the drug development research that Scispot focuses on. Drug development is near and dear to us at InVivo Biosystems – we offer compound testing to better understand how they target biological functions, drug screens that can aid in drug repurposing for rare diseases, and humanized models of diseases which can act as ‘Clinical Avatars’.

Our partnerships have produced some exciting successes, such as the drug repurposing campaign to treat the congenital disorder PMM2-CDG in a little girl, Maggie. InVivo Biosystems created a precise model of the disorder, and working closely with the biotech Perlara, the drug Epalrestat was found to show significant improvements in Maggie’s stability, strength and motor skills. A 30-patient clinical trial (ages 2-17) began in Spring of 2021.

To read more about our work, and the current state of disease research check out some of our recent blogs:

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Alexandra Narin

Alexandra is the Marketing Content Manager and Grant Writer for InVivo Biosystems. She graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2020 where she earned a Joint MA Honours Degree in English & Psychology/Neuroscience with BPS [British Psychology Society] Accreditation. She has worked as a research assistant, examining the LEC's (lateral entorhinal cortex) involvement in spatial memory and integrating long term multimodal item-context associations, and completed her dissertation on how the number and kinds of sensory cues affect memory persistence across timescales. Her hobbies include running, boxing, and reading.

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