C. elegans MosSCI Service for Precise Transgene Integration

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C. elegans

MosSCI Service

The MosSCI service enables you to integrate your desired sequence as a single copy insertion at a designated locus in the C. elegans genome. This is advantageous as it allows you to leave the native gene unmodified. With the MosSCI service you can:

  • Integrate a humanized gene into the C. elegans genome
  • Integrate your gene of interest into the genome with a fluorescent tag
  • Integrate your gene of interest into the genome with an immunotag
  • Examine your gene of interest’s expression under the control of a different promoter

C. elegans MosSCI Service Pricing

Service Package


Est. Delivery Time

Full Build


8 weeks and up

Candidate Lines


6 weeks and up

Custom Injection Mix


4 weeks and up

Note: Additional charge applies for cargo over 4.5kb in size for all packages.

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