Our Products

Our Products

Enable researchers to discover gene-specific phenotypes.

From sample preparation to visualizing and measuring behavior, we help you find your genotype-to-phenotype answers.

Introducing Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG)

Automatically extracts genetic material from live zebrafish embryos for downstream DNA amplification, identification, and analysis.


Reduce your experiment preparation time and perform your experiments more efficiently with our genotyping products.

  • Zebrafish Genotyping Kits
  • NemaGel for Imaging Worms

    Good for Obtaining Not Moving C. elegans

  • C. elegans Genotyping Reagents
  • C. elegans Fluorescent Staining Kits
  • Fluorescent Protein RNAi Bacteria
  • Optimized Plasmids
  • Serotonin Dry Powder

    Pharyngeal Pumping

  • Co-CRISPR Screening Kit


Accurately and easily visualize and measure C. elegans behavior, collect phenotypic data from your C. elegans experiments, and discover gene-specific phenotypes.

  • FLite InVivo Microscope

    Detect fluorescence in C. elegans samples

  • C. elegans Synchronizer

    For L1 synchronization without chemicals

  • wMicroTracker System

    For Gross Phenotype Analysis and Survival Analysis in Liquid

  • ScreenChip™ System

    For Subtle Phenotype Analysis. Applications include Disease Modeling, Compound Testing, and Aging Studies

  • Etaluma LS560 Microscope

    Imaging station powered by a USB connection

Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic chips suitable for identifying C. elegans‘ feeding behavior and preferences for chemicals, foods, odors and temperatures.

  • ScreenChip Cartridges
  • Stimulus Preference Chip


Supplies and add-ons for the ScreenChip System.

  • Worm Recovery Kit
  • Polyethylene Tubing
  • Vacuum Pump

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