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C. elegans Products

Enable C. elegans researchers to discover gene-specific phenotypes.

From sample preparation to visualizing and measuring C. elegans behavior, we help you find your genotype-to-phenotype answers.

Specific phenotypes that can be tested include: unc, dpy, dumpy, blister, RNAi, and etc.


Reduce your experiment preparation time and perform your experiments more efficiently with our genotyping products.

  • NemaGel for Imaging Worms

    Good for Obtaining Not Moving C. elegans

  • C. elegans Genotyping Reagents
  • C. elegans Fluorescent Staining Kits
  • Fluorescent Protein RNAi Bacteria
  • Optimized Plasmids
  • Serotonin Dry Powder

    Pharyngeal Pumping

  • Co-CRISPR Screening Kit


Accurately and easily visualize and measure C. elegans behavior, collect phenotypic data from your C. elegans experiments, and discover gene-specific phenotypes.

  • FLite InVivo Microscope

    Detect fluorescence in C. elegans samples

  • C. elegans Synchronizer

    For L1 synchronization without chemicals

  • wMicroTracker System

    For Gross Phenotype Analysis and Survival Analysis in Liquid

  • ScreenChip™ System

    For Subtle Phenotype Analysis. Applications include Disease Modeling, Compound Testing, and Aging Studies

  • Etaluma LS560 Microscope

    Imaging station powered by a USB connection

Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic chips suitable for identifying C. elegans‘ feeding behavior and preferences for chemicals, foods, odors and temperatures.

  • ScreenChip Cartridges
  • Stimulus Preference Chip


Supplies and add-ons for the ScreenChip System.

  • Worm Recovery Kit
  • Polyethylene Tubing
  • Vacuum Pump
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