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WormFlow Software: Sample tracking, workflow, and storage all in one

  • Designed by a C. elegans researcher for worm researchers 
  • Sample storage and inventory system 
  • Hierarchical workflows - building blocks to CRISPR worms 
  • Store images and files with relevant strain or record 
  • Set alerts for frozen samples 
  • Granular security and complete audit histories

WormFlow – Spreadsheet or database?

Being able to easily find your samples within the complex array of shelves, drawers and boxes of many ultra-cold freezers is crucial to an efficient and productive lab. You could use a spreadsheet but these are limiting in many ways – a spreadsheet is not a relational database. A database allows you to link multiple entities in ways you can’t with a spreadsheet and allows multiple users to access the data at the same time. Also, a database stores all your associated metadata where it should be – with the correct database entity record.

Built with Microsoft .NET and SQL backend WormFlow provides a true relational database environment to track all your samples in any number of user-defined storage situations. In addition, and key to WormFlow’s functionality, relationships between entity records allow the user to build records of complex constructional workflows that can be interrogated at a later date when any hardcopy records of the experimental methods may not be available or accessible.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Increase lab productivity
  • Facilitate project, manuscript and grant planning
  • Designed for the worm research community
  • Secure sample storage and tracking
  • Central knowledge repository and management
  • Constructional workflows centrally available and interpretable
  • Store metadata such as files, images and sequence reads
  • Highly granular security settings
  • Full audit histories


Ordering Information

 Item                      Description                                                                                Price

WFS-1USR-US Wormflow 1PC User  + 1yr Service Agreement $3,700
WFS-3USR-US Wormflow 3PC Users + 1yr  Agreement $4,900
WFS-5USR-US Wormflow  5PC Users + 1yr Service Agreement $6,900
WFS-10USR-US Wormflow  10PC Users  + 1yr Service Agreement $12,400
WFS-ULTD-US Wormflow Unlimited Users + 1yr  Service Agreement $23,200

Frequently Asked Questions

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