Cat No. PCR103

DNA Ladder


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Product Details

Ideal for determining the size of PCR amplicons and RE digest products in your genotyping assays. It contains 13 bands ranging from 250bp to 10kb for a wide range of size determination. This ladder is provided in ready-to-use format and stable at room temperature.


  • Easy. Bright bands make it easy to read
  • Quick. Ready to load straight onto your gel


  • Easily identify reference bands at 1kb and 3kb
  • Greater room temperature stability compared to conventional DNA ladders
  • Quantitative - helps to visualize PCR yield


  • Wide range - 250bp to 10kb
  • 13 evenly spaced bands
  • Multiple dyes for simple migration observation
  • Run 100 lanes of ladder (5 ul/lane)

Product Info:

  • The ladder is resuspended in sample buffer ready for immediate gel loading.
  • The DNA Ladder is manufactured using a combination of plasmid restriction digest fragments and PCR amplification products.


Certificate of Analysis

Safety Data Sheet


  • Stored at room temperature on arrival. Stable at room temperature for 6 months.
  • Up to 24 months at -20C.


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