Epilepsy Disorder Panel

According to Epilepsy Foundation, epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages. Through basic and clinical research, top genes that are mutated in Epilepsy disorder have been identified.

However, it is complex and challenging to select the right mutants to study due to many choices of strains and alleles. In addition, researchers sometimes have doubts that a strain obtained from another source has not lost the mutation or undergone genetic drift.

Our goal is to create a curated, reliable library of strains that are relevant to Epilepsy disorder. We have carefully selected:

  • Strains and genes that are associated with Epilepsy disorder
  • Genetic tests to validate the strains including PCR and sequencing

These sequence validated strains enable researchers to:

  • Screen for drugs with activity against Epilepsy disorder
  • Rapidly identify impactful drugs
  • Test drug compounds on a whole organism
Name Human Gene Worm Gene Homologue Type of transgenic Protein activity Worm Phenotype
EPY STXBP1 Knock-out STXBP1 - Syntaxin-Binding Protein 1 unc-18 Lof - entire coding sequence is removed Uncoordinated - Pharyngeal pumping frequency reduced
EPY CACNA1A Knock-out CACNA1A - Calcium Channel Voltage-dependent, P/Q-type, alpha-1A subunit unc-2 Lof - point mutation resulting in early termination Uncoordinated- Pharyngeal pumping frequency reduced
EPY KCNQ2 Knock-out KCNQ2 kqt-1 Lof - deletion of region of coding sequence Pharyngeal pumping frequency reduced

Key advantages of the Epilepsy Panel

  • Ready-to-screen format enables quicker identification of drug impacts
  • Genetic mutations are validated with sequencing
  • Recommended reference strains selected for their relevance to Epilepsy
  • Consistent number of animals received
  • 3 different packaging to choose from
    • Vial (frozen)
    • Petri plate (room temperature)
    • 96-well plate (room temperature)

Ordering information

Panel Format Qty Cat. No. Price
EPY STXBP1 Knock-out
  • Vial
  • Petri plate
  • 96-well plate
1 EPL-001 $350
EPY CACNA1A Knock-out
  • Vial
  • Petri plate
  • 96-well plate
1 EPL-002 $350
EPY KCNQ2 Knock-out
  • Vial
  • Petri plate
  • 96-well plate
1 EPL-003 $350

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