Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG)

Introducing Zebrafish Embryonic Genotyper (ZEG)

Automatically extracts genetic material from live zebrafish embryos for downstream DNA amplification, identification, and analysis. Learn More >>

Instruments for Observing and Measuring C. elegans Behavior

Our instruments help you accurately and easily visualize and measure C. elegans behavior, collect phenotypic data from your C. elegans experiments, and discover gene-specific phenotypes.

InVivo PhysioTemp Benchtop Incubator

Portable benchtop incubator with a built-in pass though port that so that you can feed cables and cords through without compromising the temperature or your samples.

FLite InVivo Microscope

Quickly detect if your C. elegans samples are fluorescent. Generate, save images and videos all at you bench.

C. elegans synchronizer

C. elegans synchronizer

A manual worm Synchronizer allows you to harvest synchronized L1 C. elegans without bleaching, chemicals, or starvation in 15 minutes.

ScreenChip System

Synchronize and Associate Visual Phenotypes with Feeding Behavior. Measure, visualize and analyze the neuromuscular aspects of feeding behavior.

WMicroTracker Device

for C. elegans

Measures overall locomotor activity and viability of C. elegans cultured in liquid media and in multi-well plates.

for Parasitic Nematodes

Measures overall locomotor activity and viability of parasitic nematodes cultured in liquid media and in multi-well plates.

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