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Behavior & Morphology Analysis

Our C. elegans behavior and morphology analysis platform measures 26 individual characteristics of the morphology and movement patterns of individual animals. This is a deep phenotypic characterization that is well suited to later analysis using sophisticated machine learning techniques. 

Age-matched animals from at least two different groups are compared. The animals are recorded during crawling or swimming. The software identifies individual animals and quantifies many aspects of behavior, including:

  • Curve showing activity through time after an oxidizing chemical is applied.

  • Descriptive statistics and tests for differences between groups.

  • Teasing out subtle phenotypes in the behavior and morphology of genetic mutants. 

Resistance to oxidative stress. Compound A
conferred resistance to the Reactive Oxygen Species
produced after exposure to the pesticide Paraquat.
Oxidative resistance due to Compound A treatment
was better than the Vitamin C positive control.

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