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About Us

Founded in Eugene, Oregon in 2011, NemaMetrix Inc. specializes in phenotyping and functional analysis using C. elegans nematodes. Our mission is to enable scientists and researchers around the world to better understand human health and explore potential treatments for high-impact disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and cancer by offering a more affordable and accessible platform.

Our in vivo testing platform for early drug discovery, agribio, and precision medicine allows researchers to conduct comprehensive proof of concept studies on the versatile C. elegans model organism before proceeding to more complex and costly model systems.

In addition, we develop solutions and commercialize proprietary systems for the genetic modification of simple microscopic living animals through our transgenic services to act as human proxies for disease research and drug discovery and help our customers reveal new insights into the true nature of genetic mutations.

Our ScreenChip System, a first-in-class automatic screening and phenotyping platform utilizing C. elegans as the model organism, which acquires and displays neuromuscular data in real time. The technology allows researchers to rapidly generate and collect precise whole-animal data via quick and reliable assessment of neuronal and physiological responses to genetic mutations, drug effects and other environmental changes. The platform provides an alternative to enable researchers to better understand human diseases and explore potential treatments for high-impact disorders.

“Progress in science depends on new techniques, new discoveries, and new ideas, probably in that order”

— Sydney Brenner, Nobel Laureate

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