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Ask an Expert

One of our in-house experts answers a popular question relating to temperature control for C. elegans

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The Arena System is a new phenotyping product designed to measure overall activity of an adult C. elegans population on agar in 6-w, 24-w, or 35mm plates. The Arena System provides 24/7 automated data collection, enabling you to automatically track and quantify worm movement even when you’re not in the lab!

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Humanized Transgenics

The PrecisomeTM (precise-ome) early in-vivo testing technology uses relevant and time-efficient whole animal models to help you shorten your project timeline. You can kickstart your research by testing your hypothesis or conduct proof of concept studies before you move to a more complex and costly model system.

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C. elegans synchronizer

The C. elegans Synchronization System (CES) is a manual worm Synchronizer that allows you to achieve near absolute synchronization (99.9%) in your L1 harvest. In addition, the system does not require bleach or chemicals, and is incredibly easy to use, meaning there is little or no training required. You get healthy worms while increasing the reproducibility of your data.

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Image source: https://www.statnews.com/2018/03/30/crispr-stocks-retraction/

CRISPR has been in the news a lot lately, but not all of the news has been positive. In fact, one paper published in Nature Methods in 2017 claimed the gene-editing technology created hundreds of unintended mutations in mouse models. The paper turned out to be seriously flawed and has since been redacted, but despite the paper’s flaws it still underscored the need to use the right animal model to determine the precision and safety of CRISPR. Zebrafish, long a tool in development biology and in genetics, are emerging as a valuable animal model for CRISPR work, including the determination of off-target effects.

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We are honored to have Dr. Adrian Wolstenholme as our Summer Featured Scientist. Dr. Wolstenholme has spent 43 years working in the field and currently works in the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Georgia.

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Ask An Expert

Q: The ARENA instrument maintains internal temperature – why is this important for C. elegans studies?

A: The nematode C. elegans is commonly reared in laboratories at temperatures between 15°C and 25°C. However, the maintenance temperature(s) experienced by the animal will drastically affect numerous aspects of worm growth, development, metabolism and lifespan, among multiple other physiological factors. Changes in the worm’s environmental temperature can therefore significantly influence experimental results… Read the full discussion on our blog.

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