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New Data & Findings

See the latest data and findings produced by our customers and internal scientists.

See new data & findings

Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert

Questions and answers on how our products & services can help you obtain quantitative phenotypic data

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Discounts & Promotions

Discounts & Promotions

See our newest discounts and promotions

See discounts & promotions

NemaMetrix reagents

RediStain™ fluorescent staining kits

For improved visualization of C. elegans’ structure and function in phenotyping studies.

The new staining kits provide a more efficient way to study nematode phenotypes and their directly-related underlying genotypes, which would not be possible with non-fluorescent techniques.

These kits expand the toolkit of C. elegans research to include the ability to perform structural and functional assays that are already standard in cell biology.

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ScreenChip System Software

ScreenChip System Software New Release:

The newly released version of NemAcquire – our data acquisition and recording software – is now even more user-friendly with new features including:

  • Easily validate the quality of your data before and during recording just by looking at the real-time powerline noise display
  • Seeing metrics by hovering over data displays
  • New tips and easily accessible help with the new user guide

The new version of NemAnalysis – our data analysis software – has several additional features that make it even easier to use while detecting more phenotypes:

  • Just hover over the metrics to see how they are calculated
  • Get more information about the interpump interval: in addition to E-E, now you can get the R-E duration, another way to define interpump interval.
  • Optimized default analysis settings to recognizes the events for a wider range of feeding patterns
  • Get new tips and easily accessible help with the new user guide

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How-to videos

How-to videos:

You can now follow instructions on how to set up the ScreenChip System and acquire data by watching the video tutorials.

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Latest Data & Findings

The 2017 International C. elegans Meeting was held at UCLA in late June. Our team of scientists and customers presented numerous poster at the meeting.

Read abstracts or download posters.

Visit our blog to learn what’s going on in our lab.

Using C. elegans to discover therapeutic compounds for ageing-associated neurodegenerative diseases

Ask An Expert

Q: I can study C. elegans feeding by manually counting pump to assess pump frequency. Why should I use the ScreenChip platform?

A:  The biggest pitfalls and constraints of visual counting include:

  • Limited amount of data: Measuring pharyngeal pumping manually produces a rough estimation of the pumping frequency. However, feeding is a complex behavior that is expressed through much more than shear frequency of pumping. The overall pattern of feeding, as well as the quantitative, sometimes subtle differences between strains and conditions can be highly informative to understand the effect of various conditions on neuronal, cellular and behavioral output.
  • Human errors: Monitoring pharyngeal pumping on live, moving animals can be challenging and unreliable, which can lead to inaccurate data.

The ScreenChip System’s free software package helps you get the most information out of your data, while removing user bias and allowing you to control how your data is acquired and analyzed. The feeding data from your worms are automatically extracted to identify, measure and quantify various aspects of the feeding pattern such as changes of pumping frequency over time, consistency of feeding, duration of pharyngeal contractions. Learn more about the ScreenChip System Software.

You can send your questions to [email protected]. Our technical specialist team will respond.

Discounts & Promotions

RediStain™ fluorescent kits

  • Introductory offer: 25% off list price.
  • Discount code: redistain25
  • Offer expires September 30, 2017.

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