Neurodegenerative Disease Models

Preselected Neurodegenerative Disease-Relevant Models

The ability to quickly install variant alleles in C. elegans and zebrafish, and quantitatively measure the variant phenotypes provides researchers a path to rapidly address the consequence of gene variation for answering questions of disease biology.

We have preselected disease-relevant models and validated their genetic identity with PCR and sequencing. These humanized model systems can serve as another efficient tool set to study human diseases.

Featured Offerings

Models for Alzheimer’s Disease

Strains carrying genetic mutations that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease, validated via PCR and sequencing.

Models for Epilepsy Disorder

Models carrying genetic mutations that are associated with Epilepsy disorder, validated via PCR and sequencing.

Other Offerings

We can create other neurodegenerative disease-relevant models using zebrafish and C. elegans, including Frontotemporal Degeneration and Huntington's diseases.


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