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C. elegans Gene-Editing Service

C. elegans Gene-Editing Service

Design Construct Deliver Custom Gene-Edited C. elegans

We are a C. elegans gene-editing CRO that offer multiple gene services including but not limited to Mutagenesis, Tagging, Expression, Expression Validation, and Inject Express. We use CRISPR as our genome editing method. Our service can significantly reduce your experiment design time, and can be tailored to different requirements. Up until now, we have delivered over 2500 strains of C. elegans to a variety of experiments and researches. Over 40 years of experience makes us a good outsourcing C. elegans CRO in this field which specialized to aid more researchers in their discovery.

Service Packages

We offer a variety of service packages to fit the needs and budget of your lab. Choices range from the fast and affordable Complete CRISPR Injection Mix to the comprehensive Full Build service package, allowing you to customize the components you need to accomplish your gene editing goals.

Service Cost Time to ship Benefit
Full Build $4075 and Up 6-8 Weeks Receive animals ready to cross with your strains
Candidate Line
$2554 and Up

3-4 Weeks
A budget friendly alternative to the full build
Custom Injection Mix
$995 and Up

1-2 Weeks
Make genome edits in your lab-specific strains
Inject Express
26,995 and Up

Min. 9 Months
Receive animals ready to cross with your strains

The NemaMetrix Workflow

NemaMetrix provides a streamlined C. elegans gene editing service. Getting customized C. elegans strain made easy.

  • Project Design

    Selection of best guide RNAs surrounding the locus to be edited.

  • sgRNA Testing

    In vivo cutting assayed by PCR/sequencing to determine the most efficient sgRNA.

  • Donor Homology Design

    Donor homology plasmid or DNA oligonucleotide is designed based on the best sgRNA.

  • Injection

    Injection of mix into C. elegans embryos at the
    1 cell stage.

  • Clutch Verification

    Verification of edit by PCR and/or sequencing of 10% of injected embryos.

  • Germline Verification

    Verification of germline editing.

Features of Our Services


Gene Editing

C. elegans

Advantageous Model Organism

Service Packages

Choice of Simply or Complex Build

Expert Service Team

With Over 40 Years of Experience

Timely Delivery

With Ensured Quality

Why Outsource NemaMetrix C. elegans Gene Editing Service

See how we can benefit in your research

Reduction in Experimental Design Time

NemaMetrix helps you save design time and facilitates your progress.

Custom Modification for Specific Needs

Work with us to design a workflow tailored for your requirements.

Long Years of Passion and Innovation

40 years of experience makes us the best in this field.


Our specialist are highly trained to gurantee the products and solutions are well certified


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Partners And Customers

We proudly serve the following institutions and more


First, you need to inform us your gene of interest for gene editing so we can provide you with information regarding what we will be able to assist. Second, you need to choose one service package of interest. It can be full build, verified clutch, or customer injection mix. Depending on your choice, time of preparation varies.
First, send us your plasmid and we will prepare it using our proprietary clean-up method proven to increase transgenic yield. Then, we will then complete your injection mix with your choice of co-markers.
Full Build and Candidate Lines projects: NemaMetrix bills on a 50/50 service payment plan for Full Build and Candidate Lines projects. The first 50% is required for project start and is non-refundable. The second 50% is paid at end of the project and is only billable if a line is delivered. Prices stated are exclusive of all taxes, fees, licenses, duties or levies and, unless otherwise stated in the quotation, transportation charges, freight and insurance.
Custom Injection Mix and Inject Express projects: Payment in full is due for Custom Injection Mix and Inject Express project start and is non-refundable. NemaMetrix quotations are valid for thirty (30) days unless otherwise stated in the quotation. Prices stated are exclusive of all taxes, fees, licenses, duties or levies and, unless otherwise stated in the quotation, transportation charges, freight and insurance
The MosSCI service enables you to integrate your desired sequence at a designated locus in the C. elegans genome, which allows for expression of your construct without the need to integrate at the native locus.
Our average delivery time ranges from 1 week to 4 weeks depending on the service type. If you choose the inject express, you can get your worm as soon as in one week. If you choose the more time consuming full build service, the time can extend to 3-4 weeks accordingly.

Case Studies

See how NemaMetrix is helping scientists with C. elegans gene editing

Long intergenic RNAs (lincRNAs) play critical roles in eukaryotic cells. Alpha Lab tried to investigate the phenotype of lincRNAs. They researched online for potential outsourcing animal model company, and found out NemaMetrix utilize C. elegans as an efficient animal model. After negotiation with NemaMetrix, both sides agreed on using the full build option to obtain the optimum result. NemaMetrix knocked out lincRNAs out of the C. elegans strain and returned the product organism to Alpha lab in 4 weeks. 237 strains of C. elegans were generated as valid strains to study the phenotype. Alpha Lab was able to conduct the rest of the study in a time efficient manner.

For 2 years Beta lab has been studying the neurodegenerative effect of the receptor for advanced glycation products (RAGE). They successfully identified several effects related to RAGE. However, in order to study the functional impairment of the dopaminergic system. A proper model organism and measurement plan was needed. In order to do that, Beta lab searched online for in vivo animal model CRO and discover about the tagging service provided by NemaMetrix. After being informed of the pricing and working flow, Beta lab chose to trust in NemaMetrix as their outsourcing CRO. After 3 weeks of working on the project, NemaMetrix handed back the custom C. elegans strain with GFP tagging on the humanized dopaminergic system. Beta company was able to measure the expression level of GFP to infer the effect of RAGE on dopaminergic system, adding one more aspect to their study.

Company X studies the combination of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. They decided on using C. elegans as their model organism. However, lack of experience in culturing C. elegans rendered them susceptible to failure of testing. After several unsuccessful attempts, X company were informed by a partner lab about the inject express service provided by C. elegans. They soon contacted NemaMetrix and send their strain containing pan-neuronal human amyloid-beta (Aβ) to NemaMetrix. After one week, the fully prepared worms were sent back to company X for testing. They were able to finish the entire process within two weeks, which greatly facilitated the following procedures of drug discovery.

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