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Custom Services

NemaMetrix is a licensed CRISPR solutions provider.
We design and deliver genome-edited animal models for:

Scientists who want to evaluate the function of disease genes.
Drug companies who want to assess toxicity of compound hits in a whole organism.
Clinical researchers who want to better understand pathogenicity of genetic mutations.

C. elegans Transgenics

Design, construction, and delivery of custom C. elegans transgenics optimized to your specifications.

Genome editing methods include CRISPR, MosSCI and Extrachromosomal Array.

CRISPR Genome-Edited Zebrafish

Design, construction, and delivery of genome-edited zebrafish optimized to your specifications.

We use CRISPR genome editing methods.

Humanized transgenics

Insert human genes or individual human mutations into the C. elegans or Zebrafish genome to create animal models engineered for human disease discovery.

In Vivo Testing Services

Shorten your preclinical research timeline by testing your hypothesis or conduct proof of concept using relevant and time-efficient whole animal models.

Looking for antibodies against Zebrafish or C. elegans? Bosterbio can help you make a custom antibody for as low as $600.

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