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Metabolic Panels and Metabolomics

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Metabolic Panels and Metabolomics

Our metabolic studies offer a comprehensive examination of the metabolites (i.e., the small molecule substrates, intermediates, and products of cell metabolism) that are present within a living organism. Metabolic studies can be performed to analyze a specific set of molecules. This is a quantitative test that is well suited to understand the biochemical dynamics in one or more samples.

  • Expose animals to compounds or formulations
  • Quantify the amounts of specific metabolites present in animal tissue after exposure¬†

  • Quantification of the amount of each metabolite present (in nmol/mL)
  • Statistical analysis of the differences between treatment groups

  • Understanding whether a treatment is impacting a specific biological pathway, e.g., NAD or neurotransmitter biosynthesis.
bar chart of Quantified differences in area and forward speed for 7 different genotypes of C. elegans modeling point mutations in STXBP1, a gene important for epilepsy


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