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Meet Zebrafish Researchers

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Meet Zebrafish Researchers

In these interviews, zebrafish researchers share their experiences and point of view in using zebrafish as a research tool.

The More Models the Merrier – Zebrafish & C. elegans Working Together

Dr. Sarah Cheesman talks with one of our customers, Dr. Aaron Putzke, a professor at Whitworth University who uses both zebrafish and C. elegans in his lab.

The Establishment and Growth of Zebrafish as a Model System

For episode 38 we are joined by Christian Lawrence (Boston Children's Hospital) to talk about the establishment and growth of zebrafish as a model system, zebrafish husbandry, and the zebrafish industry as a whole.

Ben Loves Zebrafish & CRISPR

Get to know Ben Jussila, a technical solutions scientist and one of our in-house zebrafish experts!

Creating Zebrafish Models for Studying Gene Function Using CRISPR Injection Mix

Dr. Melissa A. Wright shares her experience working with InVivo Biosystems to create zebrafish models for studying the SELENON (SEPN1) gene function. Dr. Wright used our CRISPR Injection Mix to jump start her project by leveraging our design expertise in order to save time and get results more quickly.

Developing Tools for Zebrafish Research

For episode 36 of 17 Minutes of Science, we are joined by Dr. Raheel Samuel, the cofounder of wFluidx, a startup company formed in 2018 by experts in the fields of medicine, zebrafish, and microfluidics with the mission to accelerate research using zebrafish, and enable novel applications of zebrafish in applied genomics and drug discovery.

From Academia to Entrepreneur: One Scientists Journey

As a scientist turned entrepreneur, Chris Hopkins now pioneers the application of humanized animal models for discoveries in personalized medicine and natural products at InVivo Biosystems. Tune in to this episode to learn more from Chris about his career arc and hear his advice on how to make science your career one you are passionate about - whether it is academia, industry, or entrepreneurship.

Building ZIRC – Creating a Centralized Resource Center for Zebrafish Research

On episode 39 of 17 Minutes of Science we are joined by Zoltan Varga, the Director of the Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC) located in Eugene at the University of Oregon. Zoltan joins us to talk about how ZIRC was established, and how it has grown to be what it is today.

Creating an Ideal Model – How Judith Eisen Helped Pioneer the Use of Zebrafish in the Lab

For our 31st episode, we are joined by Dr. Judith Eisen to discuss her career working with zebrafish and helping to establish it as the respected and loved model that it is today. Tune in to learn more about the early days of zebrafish research and how Judith has continued to shape the field of zebrafish research to this day.