Zebrafish Genotyping Kit



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Convenient.  Quick.  Reliable.


Designed for rapid, efficient, column-free extraction of PCR-ready DNA from zebrafish embryos. Traditional extraction methods take 2 hours, the Zebrafish Embryo Lysis Kit requires only a 15-minute incubation before the DNA is ready for use directly in your PCR.

DNA extraction is performed in a single tube without multiple washing steps to reduce potential contamination and sample loss and allows for quality DNA templates to be obtained consistently from single or multiple embryo lysis reactions.


  •   Fast –Single-tube DNA extraction in 15 minutes
  •   Convenient - PCR-ready DNA
  •  Reliable - Maximized PCR speed, yield and specificity
  •  Consistent - Minimize contamination risks and sample loss



  •  Run multiple PCRs from a single lysis reaction.
  •  Each lysis reaction results in 100 uL of PCR-ready DNA and only 2 uL is required per PCR.
  •  Works well with as little as one embryo
  •  Amplicons of 3kb can be obtained by PCR, when DNA template is obtained from our lysis protocol.
  •  The DNA generated with the Zebrafish Embryo Lysis Kit is suitable for use in all downstream PCR and qPCR applications without further clean-up steps. It can also be stored at -20°C for future use.

Product Info:

  • ●  Components: 5x Zebrafish Embryo Lysis Buffer A (1 x 200 µl) and 10x Zebrafish Embryo Lysis Buffer B (1 x 100 µl)
  • ●  Volume: each kit provides enough reagents for 100 lysates
  • ●  Storage upon receipt: <-20℃
Worm Lysis kit

PCR amplification from single zebrafish embryo lysate. Single embryos were picked into 10 µl of Zebrafish Embryo Lysis Buffer. After the lysis protocol the samples were diluted 10-fold and used in a PCR reaction with the NemaMetrix HS Red Taq PCR Mix.

Zebrafish Genotyping Kit

  • - Stored at -20°C on arrival. Will retain full activity for 12 months at -20°C
  • - Avoid prolonged exposure to light.
  • - The kit can go through 30 freeze/thaw cycles with no loss of activity.

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