Cat No. SC30, SC40, SC60, SCX1, SCX99

ScreenChip Cartridge – box of 10



Out of stock until 2022.
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- International: $100 - $250 or use your own shipping account.

Product Description

The ScreenChip Cartridge, used with the ScreenChip System is a microfluidic device designed for rapid, accurate data collection from C. elegans and related nematodes. Real-time data is recorded using a pocket-sized amplifier and streamed to a PC or Mac via Bluetooth.

Just by sliding it into place, each disposable cartridge effortlessly makes a robust connection to the ScreenChip Dock.  The ScreenChip moves worms one by one from an Eppendorf tube and into a recording chamber which detects electrical signals from the pharyngeal pumping of the worm.  Each cartridge is capable of recording up to 50 worms per chip, or one to two days of use.

Available in packages of 10. The variety pack includes 2 x SC10, 2 x SC20, 2 x SC30, 2 x SC40, and 2 x SC 60.

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Chip Name C. elegans age Channel Height Smallest Point
ScreenChip 30 L4 40 μm 30 μm
ScreenChip 40 1st to 5th day adults 60 μm 40 μm
ScreenChip 60 5th day adults and up 90 μm 60 μm
ScreenChip Variety Pack   (2 of each size)  L1 to older adults n/a n/a
Custom ScreenChip Variety Pack  L1 to older adults n/a n/a


Product Specifications:
Species: C. elegans, C. briggsae, P. pacificus
Ages: See size table
Throughput: up to 50 worms per chip
Weight (g): 16.7
Dimensions (mm): 31.75 x 79.4 x 10.2
Electrode Composition: Indium tin oxide (ITO)
Cartridge Composition:
- Upper: Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
- Lower: Glass
Port Size (mm): 1.5

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