Cat No. PCR102

PCR Master Mix


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Product Description

Designed for rapid PCR amplification - you can complete your PCR in as little as 30 minutes. It is a robust mix for all your everyday PCR applications including genotyping, screening and library construction.

Unlike typical PCR which can take as long as two hours due to longer extension times, the Master PCR Mix is a convenient, ready-to-use mix that contains buffer, polymerase and dNTPs to make running the PCR easy, and a loading dye to save a step while loading the reaction onto an agarose gel.


  • Fast – PCR reactions up to 75% faster
  • Efficient – Increased PCR success rates with amplicons up to 6kb
  • Reliable – High yields under standard and fast PCR conditions
  • Consistent – High specificity amplification

Product Details

Much shorter extension times mean that your PCR is done faster. PCR only takes 45 minutes with the NemaMetrix master mix instead of the traditional 150 minutes for 2,300 bp amplicons.


  • The Master Mix is all you need to get started! Just add your primers and template.
  • 1 second extension time for amplicons under 1kb.
  • Complex templates are efficiently amplified - including GC rich and AT rich sequences
  • Minimal non-specific amplification


  • 2x Ready mix includes buffer, Taq polymerase, dNTPs and red loading dye
  • Advanced buffer chemistry including Mg and dNTPs
  • Mix contains red dye for direct loading onto agarose gels
  • Hot-start Taq stays inactive until heated
  • 30 freeze/thaw cycles with no loss of activity

PCR amplification using the Master Mix. 1.5% Agarose gel. 2333bp and 1047bp product was amplified using HS Red Taq PCR Mix with a 45-second extension time.


Certificate of Analysis

Safety Data Sheet


  • Stored at -20°C on arrival. Stored at 4°C for 1 month
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to light. The kit will retain full activity for 12 months at -20°C
  • The kit can go through 30 freeze/thaw cycles with no loss of activity.


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