Cat No. OP50-31771, OP50-31772, OP50-31773, OP50-31775, OP50-31776

C. elegans Freeze-dried OP50



Shipping Details:
- US: $15 flat rate for 1 unit via USPS or use your own shipping account.
- Canada: $35 or use your own shipping account.
- Other Countries: $120 or use your own shipping account.

Shipped at room temp.  Store at -20C upon receipt.


We listened to your feedback and developed a new and improved formulation to meet your needs!  Not only is it the same consistent and convenient food for your worms but we also made it:

  • Easier to use! We got rid of the small tube and optimized the material for resuspension is in a 50 mL tube
  • Cleaner! We included a simple-to-use filtration step to reduce particulates

Use Freeze-dried OP50 from LabTIE to obtain reproducible food quality and lawn thickness. Freeze-dried  OP50 is in ready-to-use format to trigger steady feeding behavior over time and eliminate the need for time-consuming, self-breeding OP50.

The OP50 from LabTIE is a high quality cultured Escherichia coli and is used as food source for the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.  It is used to seed NGM agar plates or add to liquid cultures (S-medium).   The Freeze-dried OP50 was cultured optimally to achieve 4 gram of pure OP50 cells which equals 1 gram of OP50 after freeze-drying. 


  • Get Consistent Results with your C.elegans experiments
  • Healthy C.elegans due to High Nutritional Value
  • Contaminant Free
  • Obtain Reliable Results
  • Larger Experiments with more food available
  • Easy seeding NGM plates
  • Easy to feed liquid cultures and mircofluidics
  • Freeze-dried (easy storage)

Resuspend the 1 gram of Freeze-dried OP50 powder in the 50mL tubes with sterile water or S-medium and you have instant and high quality OP50 food for your nematodes.

The viability of the OP50 cells is reduced due to the freeze-drying process, however there are enough cells alive to form a clear and normal OP50 lawn on your NGM plates. 

Content:  1 gram Freeze-dried OP50 (equals 4 gram 'wet' OP50 cells)
Content:  10^12 cells
Viability:  5*10^8 CFU's
Color:  Yellow/Brownish
Storage:  -20C

1 unit/vial will seed 250mL liquid culture or 100 60 mm plates.

A free Filter Set for Freeze-dried OP50 is included with the Freeze-dried OP50 vials.  The Filter set is needed to remove any particles left after dissolving the content of the vial to get even better results.

The Filter set is needed to remove any particles left after dissolving the content of the vial to get even better results.

Original Freeze Dried OP50

New and Improved Freeze Dried OP50

Dietary restriction1, 25 E11
5 E8
-Ad libitium (Not advised to create a 250 mL liquid culture)
-Dietary Restriction
Micro Fluidics32.4 E9Pharyngeal pumping
Life Cycle & population growth rate4, 55 E9
<5 E9
>5 E10
-Optimal concentration
-Larval mortality increases + decrease of fertility
-Lower life expectancy
Behavior assay61.5 E10
Survival assay71 - 4 E9

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question!  We hear this all of the time.  By using the Freeze-Dried OP50 you do not have to spend time preparing your lab-made OP50 because you can rapidly bring up the OP50 the same day that you need to make your plates.  You also reduce the probability of contamination because OP50 is ready-to-use.  You are guaranteed consistency because our OP50 is made in large batches so each lot will behave the same.

Unfortunately, the smallest packaged size is the 1 unit.  We do not have samples.  Sorry :(

The best and most consistent way to store the Freeze-dried OP50 is in it's “dry powder” form. If you don’t need the entire vial you can dissolve a part of the powder following the protocol.

You can also store the suspension for 2 weeks if required However, the quality can reduce overtime when in liquid form.

The Freeze-dried OP50 has a strong reduced viability, therefore a few cells remain alive. Enough cells are alive to form a good OP50 lawn when seeding NGM plates. The lower viability is perfect for compound screening assays, as compounds are less affected by the E.coli.

We had a lot of feedback from customers that particulates interfered in their imaging experiments so we implemented a re-usable filter system to minimize them.  In simple words: When Dissolving the Freeze-dried OP50 it can happen that the vial is not mixed well enough and a few particles did not dissolve well. Filtering the solution in a sterile maner removes the particles from your OP50 solution - Ready to be used for feeding.

  • Get Consistent Results with your C.elegans experiments
  • Clear solution
  • Obtain Reliable Results
  • Easy seeding NGM plates
  • Easy to feed liquid cultures and mircofluidics

Yes, use fast running water to clean the filter and EtOH to sterilize it. Let it dry to the air and re-use. Our advise is top use the filters a maximum 10 times (10 Freeze-dried OP50 tubes).

It is shipped at room temp but storage needs to be at -20C.

Yes, we can!  Please check out this YouTube video that nicely shows how it works.  If it still isn't clear, please contact

Freeze-Dried OP50 Protocol Video

The following strains are planned to be produced in late 2020 and 2021

  • HB101
  • OP50-1
  • Na22

Yes you can.  Please keep in mind that multiple freeze/thaw cycles can impact viability.

Of course!  You will get some in your order.

We are always here and happy to help.  Please reach out to and we will talk with you soon!

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