ScreenChip System Software

ScreenChip™ System Software

The ScreenChip System includes two software packages, NemAcquire and NemAnalysis. Both are fully integrated with the system and compatible with Mac and PC to enable automated data acquisition and analysis within minutes. They are free with the purchase of the system.

NemAcquire software gives real-time frequency feedback during your experiment and allows you to visualize pumping in real time. Acquired data can be transferred seamlessly to the NemAnalysis software for further data analysis. Additional data such as pump electrical waveform, spike ratios, pump duration and inter-pump-interval can be obtained from post hoc analysis using the NemAnalysis software.

NOTE: The NemAcquire software and its driver are offered under the GPL3 Open Source License. To view and/or download the source code, please visit the following links:

Data acquisition with NemAcquire Software

Data analysis using NemAnalysis Software

Current Software – Updated 7/12/2018

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox when downloading the software.

Minimum Computer Requirements for NemAcquire Software:

Minimum Computer Requirements for NemAnalysis Software:


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