Co-CRISPR Screening Kit with unc-18

This product is Patent Pending

Efficient target site editing in C. elegans using unc-18 to wild type co-CRISPR design.

Unlike traditional co-CRISPR methods, this product can save time because this co-CRISPR method is a return to wildtype. This product will give you confidence that your strain is wildtype at the co-CRISPR locus with one simple PCR screen.

Unlike making CRISPR edits without using a co-CRISPR, using this product with your CRISPR edit will allow you to identify animals in which the CRISPR/Cas9 system has been active. Therefore, the animals that display the co-CRISPR phenotype are more likely to contain your desired CRISPR edit. This will allow you to screen far fewer animals, which will save time and costs.

This product enables researchers to use a straightforward co-CRISPR method that is easy to screen. This kit provides the C. elegans background strain, as well as the sgRNA and DNA oligonucleotide required to return the background strain to wildtype at the co-CRISPR locus. Also included in the kit is a pair of PCR primers to screen the co-CRISPR locus.


  • Ideal co-CRISPR method for use with CRISPR edit in any location in the genome.
  • No need to worry about outcrossing the strain to return the co-CRISPR locus to wildtype.
  • No need to worry about co-CRISPR mutation linking with another mutation, as this co-CRISPR method is a return to wildtype.
  • Each kit provides enough material for 3 injection sets


The Co-CRISPR Screening Kit with unc-18 includes:

  • unc-18 co-CRISPR strain
  • CRISPR injection mix base (includes unc-18 sgRNA and repair template)
  • PCR primer mix to verify return-to-N2 sequence
  • Reagents for 3 experiments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The kit shelf life has been tested up to 4 weeks, we will continue to update the shelf life as testing progresses.

It is not. This co-CRISPR is designed for C. elegans only.

It is not. This co-CRISPR is designed for C. elegans only.

This kit contains what you will need to make the co-CRISPR edit. You will still need the Cas9, sgRNA(s) and ODN to make your desired edit.

Store the C. elegans (component D) between 15-20C. Store the Co-CRISPR mixes (component A) at -20C. Store the PCR primer mix (component E) at 4C.

No, we have not seen off-target editing with these co-CRISPR components

Animals that are heterozygous for the co-CRISPR will crawl like wild type animals. However, unlike animals that are homozygous for the co-CRISPR edit, they will have both crawling and unc progeny.

The co-CRISPR locus is on chromosome X

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