DNA Ladder

C. elegans Genotyping Reagents

NemaMetrix’s genotyping reagents for C. elegans help you get genotyping out of the way in minutes so you can focus on your data. Get your genotyping results in no more than 3-steps and 45 minutes. No ice, no hassle.

C. elegans Genotyping Reagents

Worm Lysis kit

Lysis Kit

Complete a single-tube DNA extraction in just 15 minutes. Column-free and PCR quality.
Can be used to isolate mitochondrial DNA.

PCR master mix

PCR Master Mix

Complete your genotyping PCR in 30 minutes.

DNA Ladder

DNA Ladder

Ideal for typical-size genotyping amplicons and restriction enzyme digest bands. This ladder is ready to use and stable at room temperature.

C. elegans genotyping reagents bundle

Genotyping Bundle

(buy all 3, get 15% off)
Bundle includes Worm Lysis Kit, PCR Master Mix, and DNA Ladder.

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